Political scandals and economic turmoil have rocked the Brazilian IP market over the last three years, contributing to a perception that the country is not the best environment for intellectual asset protection. The unprecedented backlog of patent applications pending at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) has done little to help matters by alienating rights holders; with around 260,000 applications awaiting examination and an average wait of 12 years to achieve a grant from date of filing, it is no wonder that many firms are experiencing a decline in the work sent their way. The sector is united in the belief that action must be taken. However, the INPI’s preferred solution – a special procedure for patent processing which is essentially an automatic grant for all patent applications filed in the country (with exemptions for pharmaceutical patent applications due to the need for regulatory approval from the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency) – is highly controversial; it is believed that this could undermine the value of a granted patent in Brazil and make enforcement more difficult. It is not all doom and gloom; legislation is back before the National Congress that would force the reinvestment of all examination fees back into the patent office. Looking further afield, the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot, which also involves the US Patent and Trademark Office, has been welcomed by practitioners, who are confident that similar agreements recently signed with the European Patent Office and the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China will yield significant benefits going forward.


Barbosa Müssnich Aragão

Barbosa Müssnich Aragão boasts “one of the largest IP practices among general commercial firms”. Its IP set distinguishes itself in patent prosecution, representing a swathe of generic pharmaceutical manufacturers. The group’s output has “remained consistently excellent over many decades” and foreign associates enjoy the opportunity to work with its talented practitioners; as one enthuses: “It’s nice to always be working with the same person. They make us feel comfortable and find an excellent balance between quality and price.” Dedicated to maintaining impeccable standards, Antonella Carminatti wears many hats in the firm – she leads the IP division, heads up the French desk and spearheads IP transactional and commercialisation efforts. Further, she serves as a trusted strategic counsellor to clients, and frequently exercises her talents as a litigator. Former patent boss at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – one of the world’s leading public health institutions – Ana Cristina Müller is a gifted chemical engineer and prosecutor; she has co-authored a guide to the prosecution of biotechnology patent applications. “She’s very ethical, and cares for her clients” – qualities that have earned her a loyal following in Brazil.

Bhering Advogados 

According to one in-house counsel, “Bhering Advogados delivers high-quality, precise and entirely dependable work and is one of the best offices that we instruct on intellectual property across 130 countries. It manages everything swiftly and precisely, so we have enough time to make informed decisions on strategy.” As an IP boutique, boasting a 24-strong in-house translation department and desks dedicated to the French and German market, Bhering Advogados removes language barriers to provide a comprehensive prosecution service to large multinationals. The firm is currently managing the portfolios of German industry giant MAN Truck & Bus and French cosmetics titan L’Oréal, as well as South Korean chaebol LG. Through its branch office in Curitiba the group appeals to the city’s burgeoning industrial scene, as it continues to grow its domestic client base. Managing partner for the city’s branch, mechanical engineer Rafael Tögel is quick, accurate and always ready to take a call. Foreign associates “attest to the professionalism and client-centric philosophy” brought to the table by patent coordinator Flávia Merola. Founding partner Pedro Bhering is a transactional maven, skilled in negotiating complex technology transfer agreements on behalf of companies, including German chemical conglomerate BASF and Japanese automotive giant Nissan. He brings decades of experience and an impressive flair for languages to every brief. Ever in high demand for his contentious expertise, partner Philippe Bhering leads the litigation team and wins praise for being “eminently professional. An intelligent man, he is fluent in English and German. Foreign associates have nothing but respect and admiration for him.” Whether on the defensive or the attack, he excels; he successfully defended German plastics producer BERICAP in separate infringement proceedings relating to its bottle cap seals and is currently representing Dutch food manufacturer GEA Food Solutions in its battle to annul patents belonging to food processing leader Stork Titan.

DANIEL Legal & IP Strategy

DANIEL Legal & IP Strategy furnishes its following with “the best and most informed counsel on the market. Committed and efficient, it provides a superlative service.” The firm’s acute appreciation of the importance of securing impervious rights protection earns it effusive praise. The side’s technically sophisticated analysis of the patent office’s output is particularly valuable to foreign associates: “DANIEL can generate all kinds of statistical information relating to the patent office, which is vital for developing a strategy that works in the country. The value of this should not be taken for granted.” The team also demonstrates mastery of regulatory issues, creatively overcoming obstacles raised by ANVISA to patent applications in the healthcare sector. Bolstering the group’s litigation capacity, partner Ricardo Dutra Nunes recently joined the firm. He is “well-trained in US and Brazilian patent law” and has moved quickly, notching up victories in infringement proceedings on behalf of a number of major US operations. “Profoundly gifted technically”, senior partner Rana Gosain has spent over 35 years in patent prosecution and over a decade as an attorney at law. “Extremely knowledgeable in patent matters” he casts an omniscient eye over the prosecution department and continues to build on an already significant global client roster.

Dannemann Siemsen Advogados

“The number one patent practice in the country”, Dannemann Siemsen showcases an extensive line-up of the country’s finest attorneys and engineers. Balancing tradition with modernity, and magnitude with quality, its advisers counsel a dedicated pharmaceutical following – as well as a diverse line-up of operations in every sector – through non-contentious and contentious challenges. Championing his clientele’s intellectual assets in infringement proceedings, Joaquim Eugenio Goulart is the litigation group partner in charge. “One of the finest patent litigators in Brazil,” Goulart is a seasoned enforcer and writes extensively on the topic. Under his command, he has “highly respected, excellent advocates” Cláudio França Loureiro and Ana Claudia Mamede Carneiro. Relied on by a host of multinationals, Loureiro has undertaken high-profile infringement actions in the oil and gas, agricultural and food processing sectors, while Carneiro is known for possessing “a robust and up to date knowledge of pharmaceutical IP matters”. Straddling the legal-technical divide, life sciences ace Gustavo de Freitas Morais is dual-qualified as an engineer and attorney. “Technically precise, Morais is fantastic” and earns acclaim as “one of the best in patents, particularly in litigation”. The side also operates a renowned transactional practice, which is steered by standouts Luiz Henrique do Amaral and Cândida Ribeiro Caffé. Amaral possesses an “excellent combination of skills”, which stands him in good stead for his franchising work. President of the Licensing Executives Society Brazil, Caffé is a “top lawyer in the field” whose experience negotiating on behalf of a swathe of illustrious names speaks for itself. “A distinguished expert in the field of intellectual property, Frank Fischer brings enthusiasm and creativity to transnational instructions, particular in technology transfer and litigation issues. Combining shrewd business acumen with superior customer service, he caters to his followers with very high ethical standards and a team-oriented mentality.” After many years at the company, Ivan Ahlert remains “a wonderful and practical prosecutor, who is helping to develop the national patent environment; he is really doing his best for the profession”.

David do Nascimento Advogados Associados

A streamlined IP branch of a full-service offering, David do Nascimento is known for its internationally driven practice covering all areas and aspects of intellectual property. The firm is in high demand for its dextrous portfolio management and sage strategic advice in patent matters. Its team of lawyers, engineers and paralegals consistently provides the best and most cost-effective solutions. Thanks to an intimate knowledge of the workings of the Brazilian patent office, it furnishes applicants with “advice on drafting a patent in such a way as to avoid future hindrances”. President of the Sao Paolo Association of Intellectual Property, the multi-talented Marcello do Nascimento is “experienced and swift to react. He gets straight to the point in litigation and is a masterful prosecutor too.”

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados

A “top-notch IP practice”, Di Blasi, Parente & Associados excels in prosecution, handling difficult applications on behalf of influential market leaders, including drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola and consumer goods multinational Reckitt Benckiser. With “significant expertise in the oil and gas industry, as well as profound knowledge of software-related inventions”, the outfit impresses at every turn. Senior partner Gabriel Di Blasi is an excellent patent practitioner. Dual-qualified as a mechanical engineer and lawyer, he is a polymath who is equally adept in litigious work as he is in prosecution. A technical expert in patent matters before Brazil’s courts and a professor at Rio de Janeiro State University, he deploys his vast knowledge in infringement and administrative proceedings on behalf of global names in the agricultural, telecoms and chemical arenas; he recently led the litigation team in separate victories for domestic companies Fibria Cellulose and Biosintetica Farmaceutica.

Gaiarsa, Ferreira & Meyer Propriedade Intelectual

“Formidable IP boutique” Gaiarsa, Ferreira & Meyer punches above its weight, expertly handling both the prosecution and enforcement demands of its devoted following. Handling a disproportionate number of litigious mandates for its size, the pharmaceutically focused outfit is elevated by its fantastic attorneys, who come highly recommended by peers for their meticulous analytical approach. A former partner at Gusmão & Labrunie, Lucas Martins Gaiarsa “is an incredible attorney” who earns his place in the guide thanks to “profound knowledge and experience”. Katia Jane Ferreira Evangelista is “one of the best on the market” and a first-rate choice for prosecuting cosmetic and biotechnology applications.

Guerra IP

From its base near Southern Brazil’s manufacturing heartland Porto Alegre, Guerra IP preaches patent doctrine to the country’s industrial community, guiding patrons along the rocky road to rights protection. It is adroit at utilising all available tools to promote national players’ stake in the market and deploys its business acumen and hands-on approach to assist the development of robust patent portfolios. Senior partner Alberto Guerra’s word is law; he drives the boutique’s growth through his passion for intellectual property and many years of experience counselling illustrious corporate bodies both domestically and abroad. Partner in the Rio de Janeiro office, Ricardo Pinho is a big name in the national IP scene – he recently completed a term as president of the Brazilian Association of Industrial Property Agents and is a sought-after authority in licensing matters.

Gusmão & Labrunie

“In Brazil, it has to be Gusmão & Labrunie. The firm is highly professional and eminently qualified and offers proactive solutions for complex IP scenarios. There also aren’t many players that can handle the volume of instructions that it can – it’s an excellent multidisciplinary team.” The firm “excels in court” but does a stellar job in prosecution too. “Expertly handling high-profile briefs for illustrious concerns in the life science and telecoms sectors”, legal alphas José Roberto Gusmão and Jacques Labrunie “are a dominant force in the patent realm and have been for years”. A former president of INPI, Gusmão is a “true professional, possessing all the skills vital to successful litigation in Brazil. A renowned litigator, an IP professor and a member of the board of directors for the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI), Labrunie is an IP beacon for the country. Strategically engaging in nullity proceedings against AstraZenaca, he expertly led a successful campaign to cancel a patent that his client – domestic generic manufacturer Eurofarma – had allegedly infringed. Assisting him in this brief, Joáo Vieira da Cunha is a highly capable litigator who teaches at the Brazilian Bar Association’s school of advocacy. “A standout professional and a true pleasure to work with”, Ana Paula Santos Celidonio takes up the mantle as patent director. “Celidonio is impressive, very clever and knows exactly what she’s doing in contentious briefs.”

Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property Brazil 

Kasznar Leonardos is “one of the strongest IP operations in the country” with a “deep team of excellent professionals”. It has a superb reputation when it comes to patent prosecution and its legion of highly qualified in-house engineers makes it a “safe pair of hands” for clients in whichever field they operate. Coordinating procurement efforts is patent tsar Joáo Luis D’Orey Facco Vianna, a hardened veteran in life sciences matters who excels at safeguarding the rights of international pharmaceutical companies. “Exceptionally kind and friendly,” he maintains stellar relationships with his clients, who he “regularly visits wherever in the world and keeps fully informed on patent practice in Brazil”. Alongside him, Tatiana Almeida Silveira’s “deep understanding of the processes and requirements at INPI is fundamental to success”. She has a dedicated following of enthusiastic clients, with one rhapsodising: “She is incredibly helpful – demonstrating not only a high level of skill, but a fantastic comprehension of the chemistry involved in our innovations. She is always available and open to discussion to improve the chances of success and reduce the overall costs.” Lawyer and engineer Gustavo José Ferreira Barbosa oversees the IP division; his far reaching technical talents ensure that high standards are always maintained. The group also receives high praise for its litigation proficiency, as one peer enthuses: “Faced with a conflict of interest, I wouldn’t hesitate to refer instructions to Kasznar – having litigated against the team, I know that it really champions the interests of its clients.” In contentious work, partners Gabriel Francisco Leonardos and Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete are “the best at what they do”. “Leonardos is profoundly knowledgeable and great at managing expectations.” A licensing doyenne, Kasznar Fekete is an icon on the domestic IP scene. “A former president of the ABPI, she distinguished herself in the role. She is an academic, a lawyer and an excellent patent practitioner.” They are joined in their efforts by Claudio Roberto Barbosa, whose talents for shutting down thorny disputes are matched by his abilities in complex technology transfer negotiations.

Licks Attorneys 

“Certainly the go-to litigators in Brazil, Licks Attorneys does things differently – it is more aggressive. The team doesn’t simply accept the way things work, it endeavours to change the system.” Superbly capable in prosecution, it nonetheless shines brightest on the contentious side and has, as a result, cultivated a loyal fan base in the pharmaceuticals, telecoms and oil and gas industries; across the board, its “incredibly dedicated litigators” earn credit for their successful handling of the most challenging instructions. Recently, the group scored a preliminary injunction against Blu Products, thereby protecting standard-essential patents for Ericsson; it has also represented other big names such as Merck Sharp & Dohme in must-win proceedings. Backed up by its powerful government relationships and regulatory brigades, the set has all the tools to achieve the best outcomes. “You have to have stamina to litigate in Latin America – partners Otto Licks and Carlos Aboim run marathons in record time, consistently delivering excellent results and obtaining the maximum protection available.” Unanimously respected for his graft in pharmaceutical cases, Licks is an exceptional professional and a formidable force before the courts. “He’s very technical, incredibly persuasive and he gets results.” Aboim is a seasoned attorney and a treasured partner to big hitters in telecoms. Another “well-trained litigator”, Eduardo Hallak is also an excellent negotiator of technology transfer agreements. He is currently responsible for negotiating an agreement with a local licensor on behalf of pharmaceutical goliath Gilead Sciences.

Luiz Leonardos & Advogados

Luiz Leonardos & Advogados is home to some of the country’s most prolific patent practitioners – including two-term president of the ABPI Gustavo Starling Leonardos and former executive president of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and 60-year veteran in the field Luiz Leonardos. Managing partner Gustavo is a licensing sage and seasoned negotiator of technology transfer agreements. An accomplished litigator and polyglot, the more senior Leonardos remains a pillar of the patent market. Overseeing the technical arm, Ana Paula Jardim is a prosecution dynamo. An electrical engineer by training, she is au fait with many technical disciplines and plies a fine trade on behalf of giants in the pharmaceuticals, telecoms and energy sectors. Together, Jardim and Renata Campello Afonso find the most efficient route to protection. For Ericsson, the duo used Brazil’s Green Patent Programme to expedite an important application – reducing the pendency from 16 years to six. On her own, chemical aficionado Campello Afonso is steering ExxonMobil through a filing under the PPH. Working shoulder to shoulder, the pair’s 100% success rate through this pilot speaks volumes for their aptitude for prosecution; US peers attest to their skill.

magellan IP

Pioneering prosecution outfit magellan handles a multitude of patent filings and capably manages vast portfolios on behalf of the world’s leading biotechnology companies – as well as Brazil’s most innovative start-ups. Despite being established only two years ago and therefore being a young upstart in comparison to the market’s more established firms, the set has rapidly built a devoted following through its “European mentality, willingness to engage and excellent day-to-day service”. The litigation support that magellan offers is vital for peers, who value its assistance and the “sound counsel that they provide”. Garnering emphatic praise from foreign associates, Leonor Magalhães Galvão and Caio Rodrigues da Silva undertake significant volumes of work. “Some attorneys aren’t proactive but Caio is different – he doesn’t have to be asked to do the work. He gets stuck in and is quick to suggest the best courses of action. Caio thinks about things more than other attorneys, too, and is deserving of the highest recommendation.” “A respected alumnus of the country’s finest firms,” Magalhães Galvão “is definitely the go-to for patent prosecution and is a valued partner to her network of associates. An exceptional patent attorney, she has a deep comprehension of complex scientific matters, and a solid grasp on the nuances of the Brazilian patent system.” Biotechnology is her area of expertise and she oversees the national portfolios of a multitude of life sciences companies – including the CRISPR technology of the Broad Institute – and conducts freedom to operate searches on behalf of many more, including Pfizer. “As a team, magellan provides high-quality, timely and cost-efficient prosecution services. There are none better.”

Montaury Pimenta Machado & Vieira de Mello 

Having assembled some of the country’s finest and most motivated IP practitioners, Montaury Pimenta Machado & Vieira de Mello is highly sought after by an impressive array of global corporations including Qualcomm, F Hoffman La Roche and Bayer. The patent triumvirate of Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta, Eduardo Magalhães Machado and Magnus Aspeby build resolute and open relationships with their clients, providing a personal and devoted service. Lead partner Montaury Pimenta comes highly recommended by his fellow professionals for his all-encompassing understanding of corporate and IP law. “Machado is a skilled IP attorney; he’s very smart and excels at quickly conceiving a strong technical and legal strategy for a case.” “Both are excellent patent litigators, frequently involved in complex disputes, for which they are highly recommended.” Aspeby is a fount of wisdom when it comes to freedom to operate issues. Peers also frequently pay tribute to the substantial contributions of senior partner and mechanical engineering guru Iko Medina who boasts a singular gift for prosecution having spent over half a century grafting at the IP coalface.

Müller Mazzonetto

Making waves in the patent realm, Müller Mazzonetto’s school of top-drawer IP attorneys makes light work of complex and contentious pharmaceutical briefs. Fully equipped to tackle unwieldy instructions on behalf of some of the country’s best known companies, lead partners Karina Haidar Müller and Nathalia Mazzonetto are thorough in their work, to which they take a personal approach. They have recently represented loyal customer Eurofarma Laboratorios in a number of high-profile cases; they successfully nullified competitor Romark’s Azoxanida and Tizoxanida patents at the Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro and received a preliminary injunction in a fight against Eli Lilly & Co, suspending coverage of its Tadalafil patent which Eurofarma argued had been unduly granted extended protection. In constant demand for her transactional nous, Müller applies her skills of persuasion negotiating of technology transfer agreements. Devising protection and enforcement strategies for major pharmaceutical players – as well as prominent players in food processing and engineering – Alexandre Fukuda Yamashita is a technical and legal polymath who has been driving the rapid growth of the boutique’s budding prosecution arm.

Murta Goyanes 

Distinguishing itself on the Brazilian market through its intimate offering and in-house technical capability, sleek boutique Murta Goyanes punches well above its weight to deliver an utterly dependable patent prosecution service. The team provides “excellent advice and high-quality work” and “makes the effort to visit clients to maintain open, honest and close relationships”. A favourite among foreign firms, its prowess in the oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and energy sectors is highly prized. Antonio Murta is a first port of call for new instructions.

Pinheiro Neto Advogados

“The biggest and best general practice firm on the market”, Pinheiro Neto is home to a patent offering that is modest in comparison to its corporate and tax departments but no less potent. Large multinationals including Intel, Kimberly-Clarke and Gulfstream count on the side for its filing facilities and can rest assured that their needs are catered for by an incredibly gifted prosecution team. The firm’s litigation department is equally impressive, boosted by an increased docket of cases and energised by an expectation of more to come. It excels in nullity actions, recently representing domestic healthcare provider Unimed against a local rights holder who filed a patent similar to the company’s own protected technology and threatened infringement proceedings based on the similarities between the two. José Mauro Decoussau Machado captains the IP squad and is a key contact.

Soerensen Garcia Advogados Associados

“Brilliant at prosecution” Soerensen Garcia has had a great run in its patent practice this past year. It excels in sealing positive results in the face of rejection, reversing unfavourable technical decisions at the INPI. As the scale of its workload increases, the quality of its output remains remarkably consistent. Largely responsible for this, patent principal Barbara Cattete Dias has devoted herself to the world of biotechnology and leverages her familiarity with the workings of the patent office to secure watertight protections. A prolific litigator, Mario Augusto Soerensen Garcia is a bellwether in the market – he writes extensively on IP matters and is widely respected for his strategic wisdom.

SP Law

A brand new offering on Brazil’s patent market, SP Law is home to a handpicked band of “steadfast IP competitors”. Forging its own unique path, the set is propelled onwards by ABPI secretary Benny Spiewak. “Benny exhibits a finely honed specialism in intellectual property.” Those who have an opportunity to collaborate with him come away wholly satisfied as a result of his “exceptional analytical skill”. His “deep knowledge of overseas legislation and international treaties” means that he is an indispensable ally for his life sciences followers.

Veirano Advogados

Esteemed full-service offering Veirano has been bestowing its inter-disciplinary legal knowledge upon rights holders for nearly half a century. Restructuring its offering around the diverse needs of its clients, the group’s new healthcare detachment offers advice on all aspects of intellectual property and corresponding regulatory and competition questions. Not limited to any one industry, the 23-strong IP team acts as an ever-dependable prosecution hub in the region for telecoms behemoths. Responsible for building the IP department into the powerhouse it is today, Valdir Rocha has an unimpeachable reputation based on his unrivalled skill as a litigator and negotiator. A former professor lecturing on the intricacies of technology transfer agreements, he is one of Brazil’s top IP monetisation professionals.

Other recommended experts

As IP head honcho at Pinheiro, Nunes, Arnaud e Scatamburlo Advogados, Antonio Arnaud deploys “profound knowledge in patent matters” to service the needs of his clients. Tatiana Campello possesses an impressive résumé; she has a well-rounded licensing and technology transfer practice, has held high-profile roles in many of Brazil’s IP associations and is an esteemed lecturer in intellectual property. Those hoping to take advantage of her impressive talents can find her at Demarest Advogados. Foreign associates speak highly of Leonardo Cordeiro, an attorney at Rio de Janeiro-based outfit Gruenbaum, Possinhas & Teixeira. “Responsive and reliable”, he has developed wide-ranging expertise and is an excellent choice whatever the technology at issue. Marcela Waksman Ejnisman’s talents span the gamut of legal and technical fields. Technology and telecoms concerns value her unerring guidance during tough negotiations. She works out of TozziniFreire. A skilled litigator and favourite among foreign associates for IP transactions, Marcela Trigo de Souza makes her debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year. She is a partner in the IP practice at Trench Rossi Watanabe. Electrical engineering maestro André Venturini is a “smart young go-getter” and an expert in software-implemented inventions; he is cited by peers for his “savvy and trustworthy approach”. The former Daniel professional recently established his own self-titled boutique.

Individuals: litigation

  • Joaquim Eugenio Goulart - Dannemann Siemsen Advogados
  • José Roberto Gusmão - Gusmão & Labrunie
  • Jacques Labrunie - Gusmão & Labrunie
  • Gabriel Francisco Leonardos - Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property Brazil 
  • Otto Licks - Licks Attorneys
  • Cláudio França Loureiro - Dannemann Siemsen Advogados
  • Gustavo de Freitas Morais - Dannemann Siemsen Advogados
  • Carlos Aboim - Licks Attorneys
  • Luiz Henrique O do Amaral - Dannemann Siemsen Advogados
  • Claudio Roberto Barbosa - Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property Brazil 
  • Philippe Bhering - Bhering Advogados 
  • João Vieira da Cunha - Gusmão & Labrunie
  • Gabriel Di Blasi - Di Blasi, Parente & Associados
  • Alberto Guerra - Guerra IP
  • Eduardo Hallak - Licks Attorneys
  • Nathalia Mazzonetto - Müller Mazzonetto
  • Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta - Montaury Pimenta Machado & Vieira de Mello
  • Karina Haidar Müller - Müller Mazzonetto
  • Ricardo Dutra Nunes - DANIEL Legal & IP Strategy
  • Ricardo Pinho - Guerra IP
  • Valdir Rocha - Veirano Advogados
  • Mario Augusto Soerensen Garcia - Soerensen Garcia Advogados Associados

Individuals: prosecution

Individuals: transactions


  • Luiz Leonardos - Luiz Leonardos & Advogados