Argentina is part of South American trade bloc Mercosur, which this year secured a landmark trade deal with the European Union, establishing a springboard for enhanced trade fluidity. The Argentine Senate also recently approved the Knowledge Economy Law, with a view to incentivising investment in the technology sector. These developments, which follow various harmonisation and streamlining initiatives such as the adoption of the Cooperative Patent Classification, are giving Argentina’s IP professionals a sense of optimism regarding increased patent activity in the jurisdiction.

Firms: litigation and transactions

  • Marval O´Farrell & Mairal
  • G Breuer
  • Berton Moreno + Ojam
  • Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández
  • Mitrani, Caballero & Ruiz Moreno
  • Palacio & Asociados
  • Richelet & Richelet

Firms: prosecution

  • Marval O´Farrell & Mairal
  • Berken IP
  • G Breuer
  • Noetinger & Armando
  • Berton Moreno + Ojam
  • Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández
  • Mitrani, Caballero & Ruiz Moreno
  • Moeller IP Advisors
  • Obligado & Cia
  • Palacio & Asociados
  • Richelet & Richelet

Berken IP

Emphasising in-depth, industry-specific training, the team at Berken IP provides a commercially well-informed patent offering. Comprehensively supporting Argentina’s leading research institutes and international companies with Latin American business and innovation interests, particularly in the life sciences, managing partners Pedro Berkenwald and Alicia Alvarez Berkenwald have amassed “exceptional knowledge, particularly of pharmaceuticals”, over their combined 50 years of practice. “The pair reliably guide clients through the entire patent process and deliver an excellent service, seeing through transactions of critical importance. They make an essential contribution to company asset growth.” Emerging as a specialist in life sciences transactions and patent licensing, Federico Ulled is one of the market’s brightest rising stars.

Berton Moreno + Ojam

Finding creative ways to enhance IP business value while protecting patents and other intangible assets to the hilt is the trick managed by Berton Moreno + Ojam. Fleet of foot in working across diverse industries, the team showcases fine-tuned expertise designing and materialising effective regional and global patent strategies. Managing partner Juan Carlos Ojam is an IP renaissance man who keeps his finger on the pulse of evolving technologies and market trends to give foresighted advice. Adding immensely to the dynamism of the team are Marcelo García Sellart and María del Rosario Mauro, both of whom bring something special to the mix. Sellart contributes to wider academic and business life in Argentina in important ways, which helps to make him a well-rounded IP litigator and negotiator. Mauro is a “deeply knowledgeable and incredibly responsive prosecutor” who easily gets to grips with complex technologies and plant varieties.

G Breuer

At over 150 years old, G Breuer is one of the most distinguished firms in Argentina. Not weighed down by its history, though, it adopts a modern, dynamic approach and operates at the cutting edge of the patent and technology scenes in Argentina. IP thought leader Jorge Otamendi knows where patent law has been and where it is going, making him a percipient counsellor. The venerable IP and competition law specialist’s credentials and track record are respected throughout Latin America. Electrical engineer Martín Guerrico also demonstrates compelling leadership abilities. His thorough understanding of the innovation process makes him an invaluable partner for start-ups looking to begin their journey with well-configured patent rights and strategies.

Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández

On the frontlines of patent practice in Argentina, Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández is a repository of trust for many innovative companies and educational institutions as they protect, develop and enforce their intellectual property. Spearheading the practice, Graciela Claudia Pérez de Inzaurraga is an IP all-rounder who is cut from fine cloth. Demonstrating great rigour and a tireless work ethic, she provides unerringly practical advice while protecting keystone patents with finesse. Highly engaged in numerous IP associations for over three decades, she elevates the IP discussion in Argentina.

Marval O´Farrell & Mairal

Latin American IP heavyweight Marval O’Farrell & Mairal has an unrivalled command of the patent field. Participating in approximately 50% of patent litigations in Argentina, the firm has set many a precedent and shifted paradigms in ways favourable to clients. Alongside its punchy contentious offering, the team freely dispenses practical business advice and runs an efficient, cost-effective prosecution service, assisted by the judicious deployment of smart technical tools. Notably, the firm prosecutes roughly one-quarter of all domestic patent applications. Providing inspiring leadership to the 35-strong roster is Martín Bensadon, a “practical and trusted adviser who knows how to optimise strategies for rights holders in consideration of the turbulence of the domestic patent environment”. He is joined in the upper echelons of the market by Christian Bittel, an agribusiness and biotechnology maven hailed as “one of the most capable experts in the profession”. Additional weapons in the firm’s arsenal are Iván Alfredo Poli and Ignacio Sánchez Echagüe. Versatile of counsel Poli is a leader in the realm of design patents and a seasoned prosecutor and litigator who sees the whole playing field. “Echagüe is a prominent patent litigator in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. He shows ingenuity in handling multi-jurisdictional cases.”

Mitrani, Caballero & Ruiz Moreno

When it comes to intricate patent matters, Mitrani, Caballero & Ruiz Moreno is a discerning choice. Thriving in the energy, agricultural and mechanical arenas, the firm has been expanding significantly of late, with new instructions pouring in alongside continuing engagement with existing patrons such as Tenaris. The workforce is also maturing, thanks to the example set by main draw Ignacio Bérèterbide. “He has remarkable knowledge of how to protect and commercially exploit patent rights at a local and international level, and is an extremely valuable partner for companies that want to expand their horizons.” “He understands the business implications of his actions and communicates excellently. He is straightforward, effective and efficient, and can be recommended without reservation.”

Moeller IP Advisors

Prosecution proficiency gives internationally respected boutique Moeller IP its edge. Clients across diverse industries appreciate its no-nonsense, practical approach to rights protection and ability to shepherd filings through to successful grant not just in Argentina, but across Latin America and beyond. Drawing on a team of skilled, adaptable technical advisers, head of patents Jose Santacroce gets results with the minimum of fuss. With 30 years of managerial experience and a mastery of five languages, he can be counted on to deliver the advice that is required clearly and succinctly.

Noetinger & Armando

Noetinger & Armando’s recent development of more advanced and efficient portfolio management software, combined with its relocation to an improved Buenos Aries office, has given it renewed competitive bite in the domestic market. Its squad of assured lawyers and in-house technical personnel displays a knack for getting patent applications granted quickly, even in the face of difficult challenges. Experienced co-founder Fernando Noetinger is a pharmaceutical go-to who effortlessly untangles the tightest IP knots; he is uniquely adept at overcoming patent office rejections and handling IP matters complicated by dint of unfair competition concerns. Head of the patent department Mariana Bullrich and doctor of biological sciences Martín Damián Ré help to make Noetinger & Armando one of the most vibrant life sciences players in the country. “They have an excellent handle on the entire prosecution process and turn out patents of the highest quality with great attention to detail. On cross-border matters, they deliver comprehensive, easily implementable advice. Everything is done on time and cost effectively, too.”

Obligado & Cia

Over a remarkable 130 years, Obligado & Cio has honed its IP craft to perfection. Delivering copper-bottomed patents and astutely guiding the development of broad-span portfolios, the firm has long set standards for others to follow. The eminent outfit shows impressive range in tailoring its service with equal proficiency to start-ups and world-beating multinationals. Daniel Zuccherino and Carlos Octavio Mitelman are key contacts for interested parties.

Palacio & Asociados

Palacio & Asociados is a historic firm that serves as a gateway to Latin America for international companies in diverse industries. The linchpins of the practice are Mingo Palacio and Diego Palacio, who both offer judicious counsel across the patent lifecycle. They have racked up many significant achievements in the pharmaceutical, medical and mechanical fields, and contributed much to the advancement of IP best practice in Argentina and internationally through their involvement in leading IP associations.

Richelet & Richelet

Richelet & Richelet gives a quality service at lightning speed. Displaying consistently creative and business-minded instincts, the set delivers on the money. Setting the pace is Gastón Richelet, a “fine professional who produces accurate advice in a timely manner. He listens carefully to enquiries and provides input alive to the latest legal, IP and business trends in Argentina”. Unafraid to push boundaries and a vigorous advocate for clients, he has recently been acting for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company in challenging the strict patentability guidelines applied by the patent office with respect to pharmaceutical innovations.

Other recommended experts

FRTB engenders trust and loyalty thanks to the stellar work of Santiago Ferrer Reyes and Julia Tellechea. With 35 years of experience under his belt, Ferrer Reyes brings wisdom and cool-headedness to Argentine courtrooms. Tellechea provides a client-centric service; she grasps clients’ unique business needs and objectives and maintains close contact on all instructions. Ariel Ibanez, the Argentine director of multinational firm H&A, leverages rich commercial knowledge to overcome IP challenges and drive business success. John Ryan-Lussich, managing partner of Ryan-Lussich & Asociados, possesses a unique blend of expertise encompassing customs law, anti-piracy, economic criminal law and pharmaceutical intelligence. Estudio Chaloupka’s head of patents Claudia Serritelli is well qualified as an attorney, English translator and patent and trademark agent. She coordinates the firm’s litigation activities and is currently representing Jeyes Group as plaintiff in actions against the Argentine patent office regarding the impact (or lack thereof, as argued) on the novelty of an invention of publication of a patent by a foreign patent office.


  • Alicia Alvarez Berkenwald - Berken IP
  • Martín Bensadon - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Cristian Bittel - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Martín Guerrico - G Breuer
  • Fernando Noetinger - Noetinger & Armando
  • Jorge Otamendi - G Breuer
  • Graciela Claudia Pérez de Inzaurraga - Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández
  • Iván Alfredo Poli - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Ignacio Sánchez Echagüe - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Ignacio Bérèterbide - Mitrani, Caballero & Ruiz Moreno
  • Pedro S Berkenwald - Berken IP
  • Mariana Bullrich - Noetinger & Armando
  • Martín Damián Ré - Noetinger & Armando
  • Santiago Ferrer Reyes - FRTB - Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché
  • Marcelo García Sellart - Berton Moreno + Ojam
  • Ariel J Ibanez - H&A
  • María del Rosario Mauro - Berton Moreno + Ojam
  • Juan Carlos Ojam - Berton Moreno + Ojam
  • Diego F Palacio - Palacio & Asociados
  • Mingo Palacio - Palacio & Asociados
  • Gastón Richelet - Richelet & Richelet
  • John Ryan-Lussich - Ryan-Lussich & Asociados
  • Jose Santacroce - Moeller IP Advisors
  • Claudia Serritelli - Estudio Chaloupka
  • Julia Tellechea - FRTB - Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché
  • Federico Ulled - Berken IP