Penny Gilbert

Partner at Powell Gilbert LLP

Penny Gilbert is a partner at Powell Gilbert LLP, a specialist IP law firm based in London.

Dr Gilbert has a degree in biochemistry and a DPhil in molecular biology from the University of Oxford. Her strong technical background led to her specialisation in patent litigation, particularly in the life sciences. She represents clients before the UK patent courts and was involved in the first patent case heard by the UK Supreme Court. She has a wealth of experience in coordinating multinational patent litigation, including involvement in European Patent Office opposition and appeal proceedings. She has also represented clients before the UK Intellectual Property Office, the European Court of Justice and the Court of Justice of the European Free Trade Area, on questions relating to the grant of supplementary protection certificates.

Dr Gilbert also counsels on patent litigation strategy and is experienced in providing freedom-to-operate and due diligence advice. She also represents clients in patent licence disputes before the UK courts and in arbitration proceedings, and is a qualified mediator and solicitor advocate.

Dr Gilbert teaches on the Oxford University diploma in IP law and practice course and frequently lectures on aspects of IP law. She is a former president of the European Patent Lawyers Association and is a member of its advisory board. She is also a member of the editorial boards of BioScience Law Review and Life Sciences IP Review.

Dr Gilbert’s cases include Biogen v AbbVie (Humira); Regeneron v Kymab (monoclonal antibodies); Eli Lilly v HGS (Neutrokine alpha); Hospira v Amgen (protein pegylation); ratiopharm v Napp (controlled release oxycodone); Roche v Chiron (Fuzeon; Herceptin); OGT v Affymetrix (DNA microarrays); Pharmacia v Merck (COX 2 inhibitors); Chiron v Evans Medical (Pertussis vaccines); Inhale v Quadrant (protein stabilisation); Quadrant v Roser (protein stabilisation); Chiron v Murex (Hepatitis C virus); and Genentech v Wellcome (tissue plasminogen activator).

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