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Mickey Ferri is an expert in applied business economics. He provides expert witness testimony and economic consulting in a variety of areas, including economic damages, lost profits, reasonable royalty, unjust enrichment, intellectual property, commercial success, licensing, negotiation, breach of contract, class action, labour economics, lost wages, discrimination, antitrust, competition, technology adoption, financial analysis, strategy, market analysis and valuation. His work spans a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, consumer products, medical devices, software, hardware, automobiles, natural resources, entertainment and sports. Dr Ferri’s work has been published, including a recent law and economics article in Landslide titled “Thinking Economically About Blocking Patents: Did Acorda Create a New Paradigm” (Landslide, Vol 4, Issue 12, March/April 2020).

At Insight Economics, he has served as an economic damages expert in multiple cases in the US federal and state court systems. Previously, he managed projects in strategic business consulting and high-stakes IP litigation, including launching the sports business consulting practice, where he and his team consulted for teams and organisations in the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball. In addition, Dr Ferri is founder and president of Economics Athletes, which teaches life lessons through sports and economics. Previously, Dr Ferri co-founded Enflux, a Y Combinator-backed company that creates wearable sensors and mobile artificial intelligence to improve human movement.

Dr Ferri earned his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago. There, Dr Ferri was awarded the Presidential Fellowship, the highest award the university grants to PhD students, as well as the Margaret G Reid Fellowship for excellence in research relating to consumer behaviour. Dr Ferri taught numerous courses at the University of Chicago’s Department of Economics and the Booth School of Business, including industrial organisation, microeconomics, public finance and the economics of sports. Dr Ferri graduated summa cum laude with degrees in quantitative economics, mathematics and computer science from Tufts University.

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