Ilya Kalnish

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Ilya Kalnish supports both large international corporations and smaller start-ups/scale-ups in developing complex IP strategies. A patent agent in Canada and a trademark agent in both Canada and the United States, he specialises in artificial intelligence, information technology and mechanics. Mr Kalnish’s practice focuses on patent procurement process, from identification of patentable invention to drafting patent applications and prosecuting them in front of various patent offices. He has mastered expertise in reconciling legal regime differences between Europe and North America, especially when it comes to protecting software inventions in the wake of case law changes in North America and technicality requirements of the European Patent Convention. Mr Kalnish also advises his clients on global IP management, both in terms of new product introduction process and due diligence in the context of M&A transactions.

Mr Kalnish is particularly effective in obtaining watertight legal protection for inventions in several countries around the world, while optimising the cost-benefits ratio associated with such procedures. He represents the multinational corporation Yandex, which owns Russia’s most popular search engine, as well as a number of additional electronic services. Before joining BCF, he held key IP management positions in large corporations in Toronto, such as Bell Canada and Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd, the world’s largest supplier of industrial solutions in the injection moulding industry. Mr Kalnish’s time in-house provided valuable insights into how legal departments operate, as well as pressures inside counsel face day to day. Since migrating to private practice, Mr Kalnish has always made sure that he remembers his lessons learnt by delivering to his clients business-focused advice, while keeping an eye on budget and expense management.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019 Mr Kalnish received the Client Choice Awards, a prestigious award that honours the best professionals in the legal sector, selected by clients. A native of Russia, Mr Kalnish speaks English, Russian and Bulgarian fluently. He also chairs the Committee for the Patent Agents Training Course for the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada.

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  • IPIC

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  • Husky IMS
  • Yandex Group

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