Art Brion

Founding Partner at Brion Raffoul

Art Brion is a computer engineering graduate, lawyer, patent agent and trademark agent. Since 2014 he has been ranked as a leading patent practitioner in Canada in the IAM Patent 1000. As a founding partner of the firm, he assists clients ranging from multinational corporations to high-tech start-up companies to lone inventors. Specialising in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications worldwide, he also provides advice regarding portfolio management and worldwide patent filing strategies. In addition, he also provides expertise on IP mining and licensing strategies, especially for pre-initial public offering start-up companies.

Involved in the Canadian start-up community since the late 1990s, Mr Brion has helped past and present clients in growing their patent portfolios. While some past clients have been swallowed up by larger companies, others have continued to prosper and grow in the vibrant Ottawa start-up community. A frequent speaker and participant at start-up-oriented events, Mr Brion is regularly consulted by start-up companies and entrepreneurs before launching new ventures or before the initiation of new avenues of R&D. He is usually involved in activities such as invention mining, freedom-to-operate searches and the definition of business strategies for his clients. A number of his clients are offshoots of university research centres or start-ups derived from university-originated research.

In the past, Mr Brion has spoken at Nanjing University on worldwide patent filing strategies for start-ups. He has also appeared on a panel in Chicago discussing US, EPO and Canadian patent practice regarding hi-tech inventions.

With many years of experience in dealing with a widespread associate international practice, as well as dealing with inventors and in-house counsel, Mr Brion is well placed to handle most IP matters.

His technical specialisations include software and internet-based technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, wireless technologies, telecoms, computer and networking and related systems, optics and electro-optic communication systems, cryptography and encryption-based technologies, semiconductors and business method systems.

Sample client list

  • Element AI Inc
  • Husqvarna AB
  • Natural Resources Canada

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Brion Raffoul
291 Olmstead Street
Ottawa ON K1L 7J9

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