Amit Ehrlich

Legal Counsel at IPTrade (part of Ehrlich Group)

Amit Ehrlich is a field-proven attorney with extensive experience in commercial litigation, as well as IP, corporate, commercial and banking law. An honours graduate from the Academic College of Law in Ramat-Gan, he has maintained a diverse civil practice for several years, covering a variety of legal domains.

Mr Ehrlich’s affiliation with Ehrlich & Partners (now Ehrlich Group) began in 2002 and he now serves as the firm’s chief legal counsel and head of transactions.

Since 2006, Mr Ehrlich has focused on assisting patent holders to monetise their patents, including developing and implementing licensing programmes and conducting patent sales negotiations for clients ranging from individual inventors to large corporations. Mr Ehrlich founded IPTrade, an Ehrlich initiative for patent monetisation, where he serves as the CEO.

IPTrade is Israel’s leading business platform for selling unexploited high-tech patents to multinational corporations seeking to grow and diversify their IP portfolios. IPTrade provides its clients with a best-value monetisation service for their valuable patents, employing a comprehensive ‘A-to-Z’ commercialisation approach.

Since 2018, Mr Ehrlich has been acknowledged by IAM as one of the world’s 300 leading IP strategists for the sixth successive year.

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IPTrade (part of Ehrlich Group)
The Rogovin-Tidhar Tower 15th Floor
11 Menachem Begin Road
Ramat Gan 5268104

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