Zacco has taken the industry lead in redefining and broadening the scope of offerings tailored to develop and secure clients’ intellectual property – in its broadest definition. While Zacco’s relatively new service lines in secure development, cyber security and digital threat intelligence continue to gain strength, Zacco’s patent, trademark, design and legal IP practices continue to act as the firm’s clear mainstays. This is the case even after Zacco’s transition from operating as a classical IP consultancy to operating as the IP industry’s first ‘next generation’ IP consultancy.

The strong pan-Scandinavian and pan-European collaboration between Zacco’s 550 employees working out of 32 locations in six countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom and India) continues to give the firm a unique position to provide diverse, scalable and best-in-class service and support to its growing base of clients.

The firm’s IP/tech experts have in-depth knowledge of practically all fields of intellectual property and technology, and they work seamlessly together to support and represent clients before all national and regional IP authorities and court systems.

The strengths of being the largest IP consultancy in Scandinavia are also reflected in Zacco’s results: the firm continues to win large international clients, as well as to attract high-end litigation work in all areas of the industry.

Zacco’s presence and market share are growing, also within patent maintenance and trademark renewals via the in-house patent and trademark renewal team. Clients appreciate and consider the team’s many years of IP experience as an added value that cannot be replaced easily.

Innovate together with Zacco

The firm’s software engineers, secure developers and cyber security consultants support clients in close collaboration with IP attorneys in relation to the Internet of Things and digitalisation. This leads to early certainty as to IP rights, as well as to early identification of valuable opportunities for proactive and strategic ‘forward patenting’.

The firm’s strong and longstanding client relationships with domestic and large international clients in, among others, the medical device, oil & gas, foodstuffs and beverages, fashion, toys, entertainment, sports, insurance, life sciences, wind energy, electronics, telecom, automotive and mechanical industries, all benefit from the firm’s diversity in competences, as well as its business mindset, when it comes to offering support in strategical focus areas.

Zacco also continues to provide substantial litigation support particularly in the fields of life sciences and mechanics in high-profile court cases throughout Scandinavia.


The foundation for the international IP consulting firm known today as Zacco was originally laid in 1870. After a merger in 2001 – between Hofman-Bang in Denmark, Stockholm Patent Bureau in Sweden and Bryns Patentkontor in Norway – the company adopted the name Zacco.

Zacco is now one of Europe’s largest and most experienced IP consulting firms.

Value proposition

Zacco’s vision is to secure and protect clients’ entire innovation process and intangible assets. With its technical and legal expertise and experience, it wants to safeguard clients’ innovations and make them reach their full potential.

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