Founded in 1902, YUASA and HARA is one of the oldest and largest law and patent firms in Japan. Our firm is a pioneer in multi-disciplinary practice, comprising legal, patent, trademark and design and accounting divisions.

Each division functions independently as a legal firm, patent firm and accounting firm. Our members also cooperate closely with each other to provide complete legal, IP and accounting services to clients both in Japan and overseas. Our firm consists of a team of highly qualified lawyers in the law division, patent attorneys in the patent division, trademark attorneys in the trademark and design division and certified public accountants and tax accountants in the accounting and auditing division.

We have a wide range of experience in legal advice on preparing or reviewing expert opinions, contracts and company rules, and – in case of disputes –  on pursuing negotiations, litigation, arbitration and mediation procedures. We handle border measures to suspend the import and export of infringed goods at Customs.

We also have an experienced group of patent attorneys specialising in a wide variety of technical fields, including chemical, electrical and electronic, mechanical and highly advanced technologies.

We combine the skills of our patent attorneys with those of our IP lawyers and trademark attorneys, who are all well versed and experienced in obtaining, protecting and enforcing IP rights. This enables us to offer comprehensive IP services and help protect IP rights pertaining to new ideas, including patents, copyright, industrial design rights and trademarks.

We provide assistance at every step of the patent process, from the preparation and prosecution of patent applications to post-grant proceedings and enforcement.

To sustain and enhance this capacity, we have always valued international cooperation with overseas law and patent firms and have established a strong global network. (This started in the 1920s, after Kyozo Yuasa qualified as a barrister in the United Kingdom.)

We have built alliances with reliable law firms overseas – especially in connection with corporate legal and IP cases – through TerraLex (which covers more than 16,000 lawyers from more than 100 countries) and Europe-based Unilaw. In addition to these networks, we have collaborative relationships with many foreign law firms. This enables us to act promptly, accurately and thoroughly to meet the requirements of clients in international cases. With the help of these networks, we respond to cases that develop simultaneously in multiple countries.

YUASA and HARA and its lawyers and patent and trademark attorneys have been recognised multiple times by Managing Intellectual Property, World Trademark Review, Asia IP, IAM, Corporate INTL, AI Magazine, The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners – especially in the areas of intellectual property, biotechnology, information technology, corporate, dispute resolution and M&A.

Our professional members are also highly active in various international legal and patent organisations. For example, our members frequently participate in the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the International Trademark Association, the Licensing Executives Society, the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, LAWASIA, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Some are also invited to speak for academic and practitioner’s training events, both in Japan and elsewhere.

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