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Wanhuida Intellectual Property is a leading IP service provider in China. It has two main legal entities, Wanhuida IP Agency and Wanhuida Law Firm. Wanhuida now houses some 450 employees working exclusively in the field of intellectual property, with a presence in all major IP hubs in China. It is home to more than 120 litigation lawyers, 70 patent attorneys, 90 trademark attorneys and other professionals, including investigators and supporting staff. Many of them are recognised leaders in their respective fields.

Wanhuida is a leading provider of a full range of IP law services in China, from registration of patents and trademarks to litigation of patents, technology disputes, trademarks, unfair competition and other IP-related matters. Over the years, our prosecution team has helped clients to prosecute numerous patent and trademark applications and obtain enforceable patent and trademark rights with a high rate of success. We have litigated hundreds of cases concerning patent infringement and validity, trademark registration, ownership and infringement, unfair competition, trade secrets infringement, patent ownership and other disputes relating to technology and intellectual property, protecting and defending our clients’ interests and helping to expand China’s legal frontiers. We also advise our clients on IP strategy, patent clearance and validity assessment, due diligence and counselling of all IP matters.

In the patent area, we have over 120 professionals with experience in patent litigation, prosecution and counselling. Many have over 10 years of experience. Some have experience working for Chinese courts, the China National Intellectual Property Administration and the Patent Re-examination and Invalidation Department, while some also worked in the industry or for research institutions before joining private practice. These diverse backgrounds strengthen our understanding of clients and the Chinese system, enabling us to deliver services to our clients effectively. Our patent attorneys cover substantially all technical fields, including chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, materials science, medical devices, metallurgy, physics, electronics, software, telecommunication and mechanical engineering. Most of them have advanced technical educations and obtained their doctorate and master’s degrees from the best universities in China.

We are at the leading edge of patent litigation. We have abundant experience in litigating patent and technology matters at all levels of court up to the Supreme People’s Court. Our patent litigation service also covers validity and re-examination disputes before the Patent Re-examination and Invalidation Department and their subsequent administrative litigation. Some of our cases involve parallel litigation in China and in other jurisdictions. Many of our cases are recognised as groundbreaking, as we not only creatively protect the interests of our clients, but also help to expand the IP legal frontiers. Some of our patent cases are selected by courts or agencies as exemplary cases. They include cases selected as “Guiding Cases of the Supreme People’s Court on IPR Trial”, “Annual Report of the Supreme People’s Court on Intellectual Property Cases”, “Top 10/50 IPR Cases of the Chinese Courts” (released annually by the Supreme People’s Court), or “10 Exemplary Cases of the Patent Re-examination and Invalidation Department”. These cases have contributed to patent law development in subjects such as claim construction, claim amendment, inventiveness determination and sufficient disclosure. Besides judicial remedial approach, we are also experienced in administrative enforcement, working with government bodies such as local IP offices, the Administration for Market Regulation, Customs and the food and drug regulatory authorities.

Besides working on client matters, Wanhuida also participates in China’s development of patent and technology laws. We have been closely associated with the legislative progress of Chinese IP rights laws and regulations and continue to play an active advisory role in the improvement of the Chinese legal and regulatory environment. Our contribution to the initial drafting and subsequent amendments to China’s major IP laws and the interpretation of court decisions has given us outstanding recognition from government bodies and the judiciary. It has put Wanhuida in a privileged position to anticipate changes in the legislation and the enforcement of IP laws for the benefit of our clients.

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