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VOSSIUS is a partnership of patent attorneys and attorneys at law with offices in Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin and Basel. Established in Munich in 1961, it is today one of Europe‘s leading IP firms with clients from all over the world. The firm focuses on high-end advice for innovative companies concerning all questions associated with the protection and the enforcement of IP rights.

As a full-service IP law firm, VOSSIUS offers its clients the technological and scientific know-how of experienced patent attorneys in combination with the knowledge and competence of highly specialised attorneys at law. Based on decades of experience, the firm can provide a comprehensive range of services. This translates into the best possible client counselling and the greatest possible protection of IP assets during all phases of legal disputes and litigation.

The basis of our success is above all our genuine understanding of your technology and our passion to advise on the implementation of forward-thinking innovations. We always operate on an equal footing and maintain an intensive dialogue with our clients. With intelligence, diligence and strength of character, VOSSIUS reliably protects your ideas on their way to implementation.

We have established a global network of partner firms, particularly in North America, Asia and Europe, facilitating reliable and efficient cooperation in transnational issues.

One stop, full service

At VOSSIUS, this means comprehensive IP advice from a single source, which we can offer our clients given the size of our firm, even for major projects. The interdisciplinary composition of our integrated teams enables us to provide individual and personal service for your intellectual property.

In contentious proceedings, we form integrated litigation teams consisting of highly specialised and well-versed attorneys at law and patent attorneys with litigation experience, who will defend or enforce your interests with passion, efficiency and excellent professional expertise before the relevant German and EU courts and authorities. This gives us a clear competitive advantage over firms that do not follow this integrated approach, with benefits for our clients as a ‘one-stop shop’ solution: we are in a position to address all aspects of the case directly and offer advice from a single source. At the same time, our litigation experience provides important insights into the development of protection strategies for intellectual property and the prosecution of protective rights, making them stronger and more efficient.

However, we do not believe that one size fits all, as far as our advisory services are concerned. In putting together our teams, we ensure that the teams’ composition is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of each client or mandate. As a result, our individually assembled national or international teams are always as big as necessary to meet your needs.

Asia Desk

As business activities between Asia and Europe are constantly increasing, so does also the number of patent applications from Asia and cross-border proceedings in the fields of IP law. As one of Europe’s preeminent IP law firms coordinating and handling also the most complex multinational matters and proceedings for international clients, we have developed a strong focus on Asia over the past decades.

For Asian – especially Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese – clients, as well as for clients doing business in Asia, VOSSIUS has therefore established an integrated Asia Desk consisting of attorneys and consultants from Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, some of whom are qualified not only in their respective country, but also as European patent attorneys or lawyers. They form highly skilled teams together with our European experts to address market-specific issues, as well as language requirements, and are always up to date with the latest developments in a rapidly evolving economic market area.

VOSSIUS has been repeatedly recognised by national and international legal directories and reviewers for the quality of its services. We are very honoured by the recognition of our work, which is underlined by these awards and rankings. What others say about our competence and expertise motivates us as a firm and makes our attorneys strive even more to produce excellent results for our clients.

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