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Venturini IP is a young firm that was founded in 2018 by patent expert Andre Venturini to address the need in the Brazilian market for a new approach to IP work. Despite being a young firm, our partners combine decades of IP-related experience and offer expertise across diverse technology industries, among them information technology, telecommunications, oil and gas, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals and petrochemicals, and mechanics. One of the core strengths of Venturini IP’s is its patent practice. We prioritise work in the patent field, meaning that we can provide our clients with strategic and attentive assistance across the whole patent process.

Out of our office in Rio de Janeiro, our multilingual team offers local and international clients the following services:

  • Portfolio and risk management – we work with our clients to structure a portfolio of R&D projects and technologies in line with the objective of putting in place efficient IP protection. In addition to carrying out prior searches, drafting patent applications, conducting patent landscapes and freedom-to-operate analyses and monitoring competitor cases, we also assess enforcement opportunities and infringement risks;
  • Patent filing and prosecution – patent filing and prosecution in Brazil need not be complicated. We help our clients throughout this process, making sure to avoid the pitfalls of the Brazilian Patent Office and make the most of its rules to obtain stronger and faster protection;
  • Post-grant proceedings – our patent prosecution experience extends to post-grant review of granted patents. We assist our clients in challenging the validity of granted patents either before the Brazilian Patent Office or the federal courts;
  • Monetisation and transactions – we help our clients to realise the full value of their patent portfolio by leveraging their assets to generate revenue through licensing and other transactions. We have the necessary resources to carry out the valuation of patents, to identify third parties interested in transfer of technology/licensing, as well as to draft and negotiate the corresponding contracts;
  • Expert litigation support – if litigation is required, we can brief and manage the right law firm for our clients, based on personal preferences and budget. Our IP team will also act as technical experts in validity and infringement law suits;
  • Tax incentives and R&D funding – through our exclusive partnership with ABGI Brazil, a consulting company specialised in managing financial resources and processes to foster innovation, we provide our clients with a broader scope of solutions to increase the effectiveness of R&D investments. In addition to our patent-related solutions, we are able to support our clients with the funding, grant and management of tax incentives for innovation; fundraising; the management of innovation projects; and structuring R&D centres aiming to optimise R&D activities.

We believe that our strength lies in pragmatism, clarity in communication and in establishing and maintaining a closer relationship with our clients. We embrace any opportunity to visit clients to truly understand their business and see how their IP strategy could be adapted to meet their needs. As a young and growing firm, we are not bound by past practices and always aim to find workable solutions for clients based on their specific goals and requirements. We know where we add value and we do not overcharge our clients for simple administrative tasks.

We are sharp, client focused, cost effective and results oriented. Simply put: we do patents. And we are good at it.

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