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TRAPLOVÁ – HAKR – KUBÁT Law and Patent Offices (THK) is a boutique law firm specialised in intellectual property and related matters. THK’s experienced professionals think globally and provide clients with legal support related to a broad range of IP matters, including domain names, company names, e-commerce and social media portals and products. THK also recognises the necessity to look at its client’s products and services from the perspective of mass media and advertising.

THK was established in 1990 with the main goal of putting together a unique team with significant knowledge and experience that would provide professional and qualified services to clients not only in the Czech Republic, but also globally, and in particular with regards to IP law. For over 30 years THK has been regarded as a leading provider of high-quality, professional IP law services in the Czech Republic. Indeed, THK’s well-balanced team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys at law, lawyers and patent attorneys is routinely ranked among the leading providers of IP and related business law in the country.

THK’s professionals are members of numerous organisations, such as the International Trademark Association, the European Communities Trademark Association, MARQUES, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and the International League of Competition Law, of which international workshops, seminars and conferences they regularly attend to keep up to date with trends and developments in IP law, and to build and maintain connections with colleagues from all over the world. This enables THK to offer services not only in the Czech and Slovak Republics, but also in Europe and further afield through its international network of law and patent offices specialising in intellectual property.

The close cooperation between attorneys at law and patent attorneys enables THK to provide its clients with complex services in the field of intellectual property, including IP protection and enforcement strategy advice, IP portfolio management spanning the entire life cycle of IP rights (searches, application filings, renewals, watch services) and legal services including, but not limited to, co-existence agreements, unfair competition cases, litigations and legal representation in disputes before courts or other administrative authorities in the Czech and Slovak Republics, taking a business-oriented approach to legal advice.

THK’s team gained its wide and deep experience providing professional legal services and support to clients of various sizes, including start-ups, from a vast array of industries ranging from retail and distribution, health, cosmetics and life sciences, fashion, art and design, to chemicals and pharmaceuticals, agriculture and food, banking and finance, consumer products, nuclear industry and construction.

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