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Over the past 60-plus years, Tai E International Patent & Law Office has matured into a major international IP law firm in Taiwan. Today we provide the highest level of quality legal service to our valuable clients from every corner of the world. With their support and trust, Tai E takes great pride in being referred to as one of the pioneering IP law firms in Taiwan. We are encouraged by the success and recognition that we have achieved so far, and our goal is to increase our efforts in order to meet the strictest professional standards and our clients’ every request in future.

Our legal and technical professionals

We employ more than 260 professionals, including attorneys at law, patent attorneys, trademark agents, technical specialists and legal consultants, in four Taiwan offices. These professionals are experienced in providing customised solutions on a cost-effective basis. Many of them hold postgraduate degrees, including PhDs, in either legal or technical fields from top institutions in Taiwan or overseas. Their outstanding academic credentials are enhanced by active engagement in advanced professional activities, from writing IP textbooks and articles to lecturing on IP courses held by the government and academic institutions.

Every professional of the firm is proficient in at least one foreign language, including English, German and Japanese; while some of them are multilingual. Tai E’s professionals are trained in various categories of law and specialise in a wide range of technical fields, including pharmacology, chemistry, biotechnology, immunology, computers and software, electronics, semiconductors, physics, mechanical engineering and industrial design. Depending on the nature of a case, our professionals collaborate with one another to ensure that the best result is achieved for each client.

Tai E also offers a wide range of consulting and educational programmes to local enterprises and is frequently consulted by government agencies. A number of our professionals have been invited to participate in public hearings regarding amendments to IP laws or regulations, such as the Trademark Act, the Patent Act and the Examination Guidelines. In addition, Tai E has played an active role in a number of professional organisations and has provided pro bono legal service at the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office.

Simple philosophies, solid commitments

We vow to provide services that exceed our clients’ expectations, catering to all requests.

Our reasonable fees guarantee the value of our services and we ensure that the best staff with the right expertise will be appointed to the task.

We believe that a stable operation benefits our clients and that this can be achieved only by recognising the outstanding performances of all our team members. Everyone at Tai E is encouraged to take part in advanced education and to create a comfortable working environment. These simple philosophies encourage our staff to progress in their careers at Tai E and to provide an unequalled excellence of service to each and every client.

The firm has faced many challenges over the past decades, yet one thing has remained the same: our persistent pursuit of professionalism, excellence and faithful service to our clients. These are values that we have cherished since the first day of the firm. We are determined to continue to preserve and uphold these values in the future.

Notable case

Through Tai E’s endeavour on behalf of a plaintiff in a civil litigation, we convinced the court that the disputed invention patent could not be proved invalid for lack of novelty and inventive step based on the prior art cited by the opposed party. Moreover, we persuaded the court that the opposed party’s product infringed on our client’s patent. Thus, the court ruled that the opposed party pay $101,900 to our client as compensation for the damages caused by their infringement.

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