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With more than 50 years of professional experience, SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys provides outstanding services in all commercial law areas, and especially IP law, to both domestic and international clients active in over 20 different industry sectors. Our lawyers and patent attorneys have decades of experience in all aspects of the defence and enforcement of IP rights. SBGK’s clients can rely on the expertise of our attorneys and patent attorneys in the area of legal proceedings required both to secure IP rights and to utilise the acquired rights. SBGK’s team of paralegals perform routine jobs associated with our clients’ IP rights quickly and with precision, under the supervision of our attorneys and patent attorneys. These tasks include IP rights portfolio management, patent annuities payment, preparing trademark searches and patent freedom-to-operate searches, as well as the completion of trademark, domain name and customs monitoring-related work. SBGK’s IP department is a well-known, reliable partner and an innovative, constantly available legal service provider that keeps abreast of law and practice developments.

SBGK’s attorneys at law are qualified to represent clients before the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the EU General Court and the Court of Justice (ECJ). Similarly, SBGK’s patent attorneys are all registered as European patent attorneys and can represent clients before the European Patent Office and the EUIPO.

For example, SBGK has represented Unilever NV before the ECJ in the first-ever preliminary ruling referral to the ECJ from a Hungarian court in a trademark matter. Similarly, our firm also represented Rubik’s Ltd, one of the best-known brands in the toy industry, before the General Court and the ECJ in a landmark trademark case that received high media and press publicity. Furthermore, SBGK provided legal advice to its client in a case referred to the ECJ in relation to the interpretation of Article 9(7) of the EU Enforcement Directive. The interpretation of that provision has an important effect on patent litigation and in particular on compensation claims resulting from unjustified preliminary injunctions.

In addition to SBGK’s strong IP practice, the firm helps foreign investors set up their business in Europe and provides them with all the necessary legal services in company establishment, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, employment law matters and various other commercial transactions.


As the leading IP law firm in Hungary, SBGK offers not only professional services, but also access to a broad network of international contacts that include well-known national and international firms of attorneys at law and patent attorneys, thus guaranteeing high-quality services. SBGK’s attorneys at law and patent attorneys are members of and hold various positions in international IP organisations such as the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the International Trademark Association, the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, the European Communities Trademark Association, MARQUES, UNION, the Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group, the Licensing Executives Society International and the Institute of Professional Representatives before the EPO.

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SBGK is looking to broaden its professional network and form partnerships with foreign patent and trademark attorneys, to represent clients from Europe and further afield in international IP matters. SBGK can provide a one-stop shop for European patent, Patent Cooperation Treaty, EU trademark and registered Community design applications.

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