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Sandart & Partners Advokatbyrå KB is a business law firm with expertise in litigation, dispute resolution and contracts. Many of our clients operate in industries with a focus on intellectual property and knowledge. We also provide advice and represent our clients in marketing law, competition law and regulatory matters.

Patent litigation

Sandart & Partners Advokatbyrå KB is continuously ranked as one of Sweden's leading law firms for patent law.

Our clients are mainly large and medium-sized national and international companies. We represent them in all fields of technology – particularly in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, telecoms, mechanical and automotive engineering fields. Several of the companies that we represent are world leaders in their respective areas. We assist clients in enforcing their patent rights in court infringement proceedings and represent them in nullity proceedings. Further, we defend clients that are alleged to have infringed patent rights. Our patent law specialists have many years of experience in Swedish and pan-European patent disputes. Through a well-established network of patent engineers, we have the opportunity to successfully assist in legal proceedings relating to all complex technologies.

Our firm also provides advice regarding ownership, strategic and regulatory matters. Further, we possess expert knowledge in competition law issues relating to patents (eg, in relation to the application of industry-specific standards).

Intellectual property

We work in all fields of intellectual property (ie, patents, copyright, designs, trademarks and company names). We are one of the few firms in Sweden that regularly handles disputes in the entire IP field. In addition, we have extensive experience of dealing with contracts regarding intellectual property. Therefore, we are consistently ranked among Sweden’s leading law firms within this discipline. Our successful recruitment strategy and our lawyers' active role in IP associations, legislative committees and the academy ensure that we will maintain this position going forward.

Litigation and dispute resolution

We represent clients in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation. We have extensive experience handling complex commercial disputes on a national and international scale. We also represent clients in other business disputes, such as contractual and claims disputes. Many of our lawyers have previously served as law clerks and held other positions in the Swedish courts.

Marketing law

The field of marketing law is expanding and constantly changing. We represent clients in a variety of industries – including the pharmaceutical and food industries – in regulatory matters and marketing law litigation. We are often engaged at the planning stages for new ad campaigns and product launches in order to constructively contribute to their adherence to relevant regulations. Marketing law is becoming increasingly important in the online environment. When new marketing methods are to be assessed, it is crucial to have sound knowledge of the functioning and structure of marketing law.

Regulatory issues

Sandart & Partners Advokatbyrå KB advises clients on regulated products and services such as pharmaceuticals, food, alcohol, tobacco and games. In these contexts, we also represent clients before authorities and the courts. The issues may concern marketing authorisations and permits, market access, parallel imports and product regulations. We also have solid experience in providing other regulatory advice, including privacy and the protection of personal data.

Transactions and contracts

Sandart & Partners Advokatbyrå KB assists clients in business transactions by drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements. We advise technology and innovation-intensive companies and organisations in transactions entailing IP considerations. Further, we participate in the preparation and negotiation of licensing, distribution, cooperation and R&D development agreements, as well as agreements in the IT and telecoms fields. Agreements and business transactions often involve company law (eg, when a new company is formed or new partners enter into an already existing company).

Competition law

Our lawyers assist in competition law analysis of contracts and business strategies. We also represent clients in disputes concerning claims of abuse of a dominant position and anti-competitive agreements. Further, we focus on competition law issues relating to IP rights and have successfully represented clients in a number of litigations in which these issues have been addressed.

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