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For more than 70 years, rospatt osten pross has specialised in the fields of industrial property rights (patents, supplementary protection certificates, trademarks and designs), copyright and competition law, as well as related fields such as media law and product liability. We aim to offer advice targeted to the needs of our clients and to act as tireless and effective counsel both in court and in negotiations. The firm combines tradition and competence with imaginative ideas for legal advice in the IP field. The spirit of intellectual property is what drives us.

Client base

We are proud of the trust placed in us by our international clients, which are active in industries as varied as aeronautics, aircraft manufacturing, audio and video processing, chemistry, computer technology, electronics, fashion, furniture, genetic engineering, machine tools and mechanical engineering, materials, medical engineering, optics, pharmaceuticals, process engineering, satellite technology, semiconductors and telecoms. Our clients range from the biggest groups to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our independence, together with our position as a compact and highly specialised law firm, relieves us to a great extent from conflicts of interest.

Work focus

One focus of our work is litigation. We secure the entrepreneurial basis of clients’ businesses by defending and enforcing their IP rights or by warding off attacks from competitors. We appear before all German and European courts and the German and international offices for trademark and design protection. We are frequently assisted in our work by independent patent attorneys. Our experience with multinational trial series and our good contacts with firms in other countries enable us to provide clients with the best strategies and concepts on short notice whenever the need arises.

Areas of specialisation

  • Industrial property rights (patents, utility models, standard-essential patents etc)
  • Trademark law
  • Design protection
  • Copyright law
  • Product piracy
  • Unfair competition law
  • Antitrust law
  • Product liability

At home in

  • The UPC
  • All German district courts
  • All German regional appeals courts
  • The Federal Patent Court
  • The Federal Supreme Court (for nullity suits)
  • The General Court of the European Union
  • The Court of Justice of the European Union
  • The German Patent and Trademark Office
  • The EPO (including the Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal)
  • The EU Intellectual Property Office (for trademarks and designs)
  • Criminal prosecution, customs and finance authorities (for product piracy)
  • Arbitral tribunals


  • Stephan von Petersdorff-Campen (partner)
  • Bernward Zollner (partner)
  • Max von Rospatt (partner)
  • Thomas Musmann (partner)
  • Henrik Timmann (partner)
  • Rüdiger Pansch (partner)
  • Hetti Hilge (partner)
  • Markus Lenßen (partner)
  • Eike Schaper (associate)
  • Miriam Büttner (associate)
  • Simon Klopschinski (associate)
  • André Sabellek (associate)
  • Sebastian Vautz (associate)


Our working languages include German, English, French and Italian.

Contact details

rospatt osten pross
Emanuel-Leutze-Straße 11
Dusseldorf 40547

Professional contacts

Other offices

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