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Prüfer & Partner mbB is one of Germany’s most renowned IP law firms. It protects clients’ ideas, inventions and product developments around the world and enforces their claims in court – whether technical inventions or other IP rights. Today, nearly 70 employees – including 23 patent attorneys, attorneys at law and patent specialists – work for this IP boutique.

Prüfer & Partner was founded in 1972 by patent attorney, physicist and master optician Lutz H Prüfer as a pure patent attorneys’ office, which quickly developed into an internationally focused medium-sized law firm specialising in IP law. A successful generation change took place between 1998 and 2002 when Prüfer & Partner was taken over by patent attorneys Dorothea Hofer, Jürgen Feldmeier and Andreas Oser. Since then, Prüfer & Partner has grown into a firm of nearly 100 employees. A further milestone was reached in 2015 with the addition of attorney at law Andreas Jacob as an equity partner; the firm has since fully absorbed his legal know-how by developing the patent and legal service and thus ensuring its continuity.

As a result, Prüfer & Partner is an established and highly respected medium-sized law firm with a stable global network of partners, which advises clients on IP rights registration; supports clients in all issues relating to IP rights protection; and defends and enforces clients’ IP rights in court.

With Prüfer & Partner, you can expect a strong and carefully selected community of patent attorneys, lawyers and technical specialists. The firm represents its clients’ interests at the highest level. Prüfer & Partner is familiar with complex and demanding mandates and works with great commitment.

Diligence and expertise play an important role in industrial property law protection. Prüfer & Partner patent attorneys and lawyers work strictly to German quality standards: thorough, punctual and cost-efficient.

Over the past 10 years, Prüfer & Partner has continuously expanded its expertise in patent and trademark litigation. Dr Hofer and Mr Feldmeier have been advising their client Brother Industries for years in a complex patent dispute concerning ink cartridges. Dr Oser supports the pharmaceutical industry, including assisting Novartis with building up its patent portfolio. Mr Jacob is active not only in patent and trademark litigation before the German courts, but also in international disputes, particularly in China-related cases. Other Prüfer & Partner attorneys, including Christian Einsel, also regularly litigate both active and passive patent lawsuits. In addition, Marion Ziliox works for French and Asian clients, among others, in customs actions at the EU borders. As a result, Prüfer & Partner has extensive expertise across the entire IP field.

In addition, Prüfer & Partner has a well-established desk in China and continuously cultivates its business in China and other Asian countries – in particular Japan.

Looking to the future, Prüfer & Partner plans to both consolidate and broaden its activities in Germany to serve German and European clients, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, helping them protect their innovations and strengthen their position in an increasingly competitive market.

Located in Munich, the German heart of intellectual property, Prüfer & Partner is dedicated to serving its clients as a one-stop-shop IP boutique.

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