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Powell Gilbert LLP is a specialist IP law firm dedicated to serving clients across the full spectrum of knowledge-driven industries, from cutting-edge technology and life sciences, to creative and brand-driven businesses. The firm is one of the largest, most innovative and most highly regarded IP teams in the United Kingdom, with unrivalled patent litigation experience and a blue-chip brands practice.

The firm’s lawyers include some of the leading IP practitioners, providing comprehensive expertise in litigation and client counselling work across all IP fields. This includes advising on patents spanning all technologies, as well as on all aspects of trademarks, copyright, design rights, passing off, confidential information and related areas. The technical expertise at Powell Gilbert is second to none, as most of the firm’s lawyers have technical backgrounds, including many PhDs or master’s degrees in relevant scientific disciplines.

Powell Gilbert’s IP litigation team includes ten partners, 18 associates and a litigation support team.

Practice areas

Powell Gilbert’s lawyers have experience across the full spectrum of patent litigation, ranging from acting in the earliest biotechnology patent cases to involvement in the smartphone wars.

The firm has appeared in many of the most technically complex and legally challenging cases in the UK patent courts, including the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords/Supreme Court. Powell Gilbert has also represented clients in referrals to the European Court of Justice and the European Free Trade Area Court, in relation to the EU SPC Regulation. The firm also represents clients in smaller claims before the UK IP Enterprise Court.

In addition to its market-leading patent litigation offering, the firm’s flourishing brands practice acts for some of the world’s most sophisticated businesses, devising and delivering creative solutions to meet clients’ commercial objectives, often without the need to serve legal proceedings.

The firm is also experienced in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, particularly in relation to patent and technology licences. If litigation is unavoidable, the firm can offer solicitor advocacy services, as appropriate to the case. Eleven of the partners and associates are solicitor advocates and one is a qualified mediator.

International experience

The firm has played a central role in cases before many overseas courts, including in continental Europe, Scandinavia, the United States (district court and International Trade Commission proceedings), Australia, China, Korea and Japan. The firm also frequently represents clients in European Patent Office opposition proceedings and other registry proceedings.

A distinguishing feature of Powell Gilbert is its lawyers’ expertise and experience in coordinating complex cases and successfully guiding clients from across the world through multinational patent litigation. With a wealth of experience devising and coordinating pan-European strategies, Powell Gilbert is well placed to help clients prepare to navigate the opportunities and challenges that may be provided by the UPC system. Members of the firm have been involved in the training of potential UPC judges and in providing input on the development of the new litigation system.

Key cases

  • Warner Lambert v Actavis (pregabalin)
  • PulseOn Oy v Garmin (heart rate monitors)
  • Chugai Pharmaceutical v UCB (patent licence dispute - antibody technology)
  • Illumina v Ariosa & Premaitha (non-invasive pre-natal testing)
  • Biogen v AbbVie (Humira, declaratory relief)
  • Accord Healthcare v Research Corporation Technologies (anti-epileptics)
  • Unwired Planet v Huawei (FRAND licensing/smartphones)
  • Boston v Edwards (heart valves)
  • SSH v Sony (computer networks)
  • Regeneron v Kymab (transgenic mice)
  • Varian v Elekta (radiotherapy)
  • Nicocigs v Fontem (e-cigarettes)
  • Napp v Sandoz & others (controlled release opioid)
  • Eli Lilly v Human Genome Sciences (neutrokine alpha SPCs)
  • Pharmaq v Intervet (SPCs; EFTA Court)
  • Rovi v Virgin Media (cable television)
  • HTC v Apple (smartphones)
  • Apple v Nokia (smartphones)
  • LG v Sony (Blu-ray disc technology)
  • Motorola v Microsoft (smartphones)
  • Fresenius v Carefusion (syringe pumps)
  • Baxter v Fresenius (medical devices)
  • Nuance v Vlingo (voice recognition)
  • Mölnlycke v BSN medical (wound dressings)
  • Synageva v Shire (enzyme replacement therapy)
  • Hospira v Amgen (pegylation)
  • Philips v Alba (MPEG-2 digital compression)
  • Nichia v SSCL (LEDs)
  • ratiopharm v Napp (controlled release oxycodone)
  • Almirall v Boehringer Ingelheim (asthma treatments)
  • Monsanto v Cargill (genetically modified soy beans)
  • Aerotel v Wavecrest (computer programs)
  • Dr Reddy’s v Eli Lilly (olanzapine)
  • Yeda v ImClone (Erbitux – entitlement; SPCs)


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