Patpol – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys

Patpol is one of the leading IP law firms in Poland. It was founded in 1966 and is one of only two Polish IP firms with such a long history and tradition. Over the past 55 years Patpol has built a national and international reputation based on the knowledge, professionalism and experience of its team members. Patpol is widely considered a leading IP firm for the comprehensive protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and copyright.

Patent team – quality focus and wealth of experience

Members of the firm’s patent department have specialised expertise and experience to advise their clients on the sophisticated strategies needed to protect their inventions, as well as prepare all necessary documents and representation for the filing, maintenance and defence of patents before the Polish Patent Office, the EPO, WIPO and abroad under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

With the assistance of the firm’s extensive network of international professional associates, we can also provide the full range of services for our clients’ patents worldwide, including:

  • advisory services on IP portfolio strategy;
  • patent opposition and invalidation procedures before the Polish Patent Office and EPO;
  • preparation of documentation, including patent description and claims;
  • opinions on the scope of patent protection;
  • preparation of IP licensing, assignment and transfer agreements;
  • professional translation of documents;
  • extensive patent searches through publicly available and propriety databases;
  • validation of European patent applications and registrations in Poland by translation of European patent claims and submission to the Polish Patent Office;
  • adherence to deadlines, renewals and payment of official fees;
  • monitoring and payment of patent annuities to the Polish Patent Office and EPO;
  • recordation of changes in the official registers;
  • preparation of responses to cease and desist letters;
  • negotiations and settlement agreements;
  • development of IP protection training programmes; and
  • customs seizures related to patent infringement.

Industry sector strengths

Patpol’s patent attorneys are qualified practitioners with scientific expertise in particular industry sectors, such as information technology, telecommunication, electronics, mechanics, chemistry, pharmacy, medicine and biology. The team provides patent services to educational institutions, research bodies, blue-chip companies, Fortune 500 businesses, as well as local and international companies that actively undertake research and development projects or introduce new inventions worldwide.

Strategic advice for brand owners

In order to meet its clients’ wider IP needs, Patpol’s trademark and design team has introduced tailored in-house training programmes for its clients covering all aspect of trademark and design protection. The trademark and design team has a wealth of experience, having registered over 20,300 trademark and industrial designs.

The team is made up of experienced and qualified Polish and European trademark attorneys with extensive experience in providing trademark and design prosecution services, as well as IP due diligence, availability searches, IP portfolio management, IP strategy, IP audits, IP transactions, oppositions, cancellations and revocations, IP litigation and IP enforcement.

Patpol Legal

Patpol Legal is a leading law firm in Poland specialising in IP law and offering a range of legal services, including economic, corporate, tax and labour law. The firm was set up in October 2018 and has already earned a reputation for its IP law expertise.

Patpol Legal is an offshoot of Patpol Patent and Trademark Attorneys firm (Patpol Ltd) – a leading Polish IP advisory firm providing leading services for the comprehensive protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and copyright, both in Poland and abroad. Before October 2018 the professionals at Patpol Legal formed the legal department of Patpol Ltd.

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Patpol – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys
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