PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys

PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys was founded in 1966 and is one of two IP firms in Poland with such a long history and tradition. Over the past 50 years, PATPOL has developed an extensive network of national and international professional associations. PATPOL is also a recognised partner of leading international corporations and Polish firms.

Team experience and size

PATPOL has three main departments:

  • a patent department;
  • a trademark and designs department; and
  • a legal department, which became a separate legal entity, PATPOL Legal, in October 2018.

PATPOL has a team of more than 90 people. For this reason, the firm can provide its clients with comprehensive advice on all IP matters and undertake all client needs, from filing IP rights to enforcing these rights before the courts.

PATPOL has a team of highly qualified patent attorneys, lawyers, engineers and translators, who specialise in the most important fields of technology, including electronics, IT, chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, mechanical engineering, telecoms, medical engineering, automotive engineering and industrial technology. Due to the cooperation between the different departments, PATPOL can handle litigation at various levels (eg, simultaneous civil and administrative proceedings).

PATPOL’s team has the professional qualifications and competence to represent clients before the administrative and common courts, arbitration courts, customs authorities and law enforcement institutions, the Polish Patent Office, the EPO in Munich, the EU Intellectual Property Office in Alicante and the WIPO in Geneva.

International presence and alliances

PATPOL’s employees are members of the most important international organisations, such as the International Trademark Association, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the European Communities Trademark Association, the Association of European Trademark Owners, the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, the Licensing Executives Society International, the Institute of Trademark Attorneys, the Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group and the Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property. Through these memberships, the firm can share its experience with others and contribute to the protection of intellectual property globally.

Industry sector strengths

PATPOL specialises in supporting industrial clients during various patent infringement actions, thus making it one of the few firms with experience handling computer-implemented invention cases before the Polish Patent Office and Polish administration courts. Because of its expertise, the firm has counselled some of the largest electronic equipment manufacturers.

Further, PATPOL has significant expertise in the following fields:

  • PATPOL’s team is skilled in trademark, design, copyright and patent litigation and has successfully obtained security for claims and documents prior to filing statements of claim. PATPOL Legal has one of the highest percentages of cases before the Warsaw District Court and the XXII Department of the European Union Trademarks and Community Designs – the only court in Poland entitled to resolve EU trademark and Community design infringement disputes.
  • PATPOL’s team also has experience handling unfair competition cases, including cases of unauthorised use of a company’s name or brand name and slavish product imitations.
  • PATPOL’s team is well versed in handling domain name disputes and has successfully conducted cases before the Court of Arbitration in Matters Concerning Internet Domain Names at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications. The firm brings around 10% of all domain dispute cases before this court, meaning that PATPOL conducts more proceedings before this particular court than any other law firm.

Finally, PATPOL’s team provides its world-renowned clients with commercial contracts (among other licence agreements) for:

  • the use of IP rights;
  • the sale of IP rights;
  • the development of patentable inventions; and
  • copyright transfers.

PATPOL also helps its clients to establish anti-counterfeiting and custom’s border detention programmes (based on Council Regulation 608/2013). PATPOL Legal (IP litigation) cooperates with customs authorities, police departments and other law enforcement authorities (eg, border guards and public prosecutor offices) throughout the country and uses e-portals to remove infringing products from the Internet.

Contact details

PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys
162J Nowoursynowska Street
Warsaw 02-776

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