PATENTREE, also known as PATENTS.PT, is a highly qualified firm with extensive experience in the drafting, prosecution and enforcement of patents in Europe, the United States and other jurisdictions.

PATENTREE is a groundbreaking firm in Portugal. It is currently the only patent firm employing several qualified European patent attorneys and the only firm specialising in both electromechanicals and chemicals.

The firm is known for its team of responsive advisers; its ability to communicate easily with both scientists and investors and for its success in oppositions, interventions and appeals. PATENTREE’s professionals have extensive experience in patent and arbitration courts – in particular, as experts and technical assistants who have the European patent litigation certificate.

PATENTREE also has extensive patent searching experience and skills, using multiple world-class databases and tools for producing patentability, clearance and infringement reports.

The firm’s professionals share a passion for knowledge, work closely with clients to fully understand their technology and provide precise and skilful IP answers tailored to their needs.


PATENTREE’s client portfolio includes companies that are active worldwide and innovation-leading companies in Europe and abroad. The firm is internationally oriented and has a long history of obtaining successful patent results around the world.


The firm was founded in 2013, operating under the name PATENTS.PT. Its partners and associates have extensive professional experience in IP prosecution, spanning over 20 years.

PATENTREE is a young firm, distinguished by its relentless commitment to quality and strong IP strategies. Whether the work entrusted to it is patent drafting, patent searches, prosecution, oppositions, freedom-to-operate reports or patent validation, all work products are quality checked to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

Specialty areas

PATENTREE is committed to creating business value for clients by obtaining effective IP protection in all fields – including industrial and pure chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food technology, mechanics, software, optics, nanotech, medical devices, renewable energies, electronics and telecoms – both in Portugal and abroad.

The firm also has a broadly experienced formalities department, having assured protection and prosecution in complex and demanding multi-jurisdiction cases.

The PATENTREE team also has broad experience in patent litigation, supporting multidisciplinary, legal and technical, teams asserting innovative patents or defending from alleged infringement, by providing technical assistance, expert reports or advising on patent matters in litigation, arbitration or mediation instances. PATENTREE has had practice in patent assertion cases in several EU jurisdictions, frequently in several simultaneous jurisdictions and often while conducting concurrent proceedings at the EPO.


The firm offers the full range of IP services and is committed to providing comprehensive and innovative expertise, creating value to benefit clients. Its services include:

  • advice on patent and utility model applications and complex protection strategies;
  • patentability assessments and prior art evaluations;
  • preparing, drafting and submitting patent applications;
  • filing and prosecuting patents in key jurisdictions, including before the EPO, the WIPO and the USPTO;
  • preparing and filing oppositions and appeals before the EPO;
  • freedom-to-operate and patent landscape reports;
  • expert opinions for infringement and validity court actions;
  • due diligence;
  • IP portfolio management and assertion;
  • IP department outsourcing, including comprehensive advice on matters relating to employee inventions;
  • in-house training; and
  • other trademark, design and IP rights services.


Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish, Slovak and Czech.

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