As a registered company with the Chamber of Patent Attorneys of the Czech Republic, PatentEnter is authorised to provide full-scale patent attorney services. As the company name suggests, our team of professionals is eager and ready to help companies entering the Czech and Slovak market. We aim to provide top-quality services in the IP field, as well as high-quality translations related to intellectual property for our clients at home and abroad.

Indeed, translation is one of our core services: our professional translation services for foreign filing and validation services for clients interested in validating European patents in the Czech Republic and Slovakia help secure international IP protection for our clients. Through cooperation with other professionals and agencies, we are able to provide our services all over the world.

PatentEnter has three departments offering the following main services:

  • Patent department:
    • drafting and prosecution of patents and utility models;
    • patent searches;
    • freedom-to-operate expert opinions and design support;
    • patent invalidation;
    • IP audits;
    • patent valuation; and
    • licensing and IP agreements.
  • Trademark and designs department:
    • trademark and design filings;
    • trademark and design searches;
    • availability searches;
    • oppositions and conflicts; and
    • choosing new name advice.
  • Validation and translation department:
    • patent translations;
    • legal text translations; and
    • non-IP translations, such as technical translations, life sciences documents and company policies.

Our team consists of more than 25 young enthusiastic people, including highly qualified patent attorneys, engineers with various backgrounds ranging from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information and communications technology, to chemistry and life sciences. These professionals will make sure that your ideas are well protected and presented to the world.

Our attorneys and specialists experienced in trademark and design matters are ready to provide all IP services in relation to European trademarks and designs, as well as national ones.

To achieve international protection of ideas, our company also provides translation services. We translate from the three main European languages (English, German and French) into Czech and Slovak, and vice versa. Our translation team includes more than 50 external translators, and internal translators and reviewers. Each translation is thoroughly proofread by a reviewer with expertise in the given field and reviewed in terms of patent terminology.

Thanks to a network of offices around the world, we are proud to offer a broad range of foreign filing services: European patent validations, Patent Cooperation Treaty filing, EPO filing, direct national filings and others. Our validation team with years of experience offers complex validation services and handles more than 600 validation cases annually. We are also prepared to assist clients with any post-filing matters and maintenance fee payments.

To ensure that our services to international clients remain of the highest quality, we also provide non-patent translation, such as translation of legal documents, company policies and, thanks to our specialised translators, also a wide range of scientific documents in various technological areas and in the fields of life sciences, pharmaceutical industry, medicine and others.

At PatentEnter we believe that everyone has their own strengths and each person’s strengths should be utilised to the maximum extent. Therefore, our team includes professionals specialised in various areas working together in perfect synergy to provide the best service to the client. Accordingly, during the patent drafting and prosecution we do our utmost to prevent R&D staff and inventors from being affected by the patent process, so that they can focus on development. One of our main objectives is to provide all relevant patent documents and information to R&D departments at the beginning of the development process to increase overall efficiency.

We are proud of the successes of our Czech and foreign clients and we always make sure that the chosen IP strategy meets the client’s business goals.

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Koliste 1965/13a
Brno 602 00
Czech Republic

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  • Air Bank
  • Bednar FMT
  • Fatra
  • Hella Autotechnik Nova
  • Linet
  • Škoda Auto
  • Tescan
  • Y Soft

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