NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys

Established in 1987 in Hong Kong, NTD is the only private one of the earliest four Chinese IP firms licensed by government to provide IP services for foreign clients. As one of the leading IP firms in China, NTD has

  • 500+ Professionals and support staff
  • 184 Patent Attorneys
  • 63 Trademark Attorneys
  • 51 Lawyers
  • 3 offices in China - Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong
  • 3 liaison offices Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Munich

Last year, we handled

  • Patent: 9,000+ new filings and 14,000+ OAs per year
  • Trademark: 20,000+ per year (opposition, invalidation and review cases over 5000)
  • Investigation and AIC actions: 200+ per year IP Lawsuits: 400+ per year

Our services

We are a full-service IP law firm that can meet all of our clients’ diverse needs in the field of intellectual property. Our services include patent prosecution and invalidation; trademark registration, opposition and cancellation; copyright and domain name registration; anti-counterfeiting investigation; administrative raid action; IP litigation; customs protection; IP searches and analysis; watch services; IP consultation; IP licensing and assignment; and contract dispute arbitration.

We provide services in Chinese, English, Japanese, German and French.

Our patent attorneys cover a broad range of technical fields, including computer science, networks, telecoms, electrical engineering, semiconductors, optics, mechanical engineering, automotive technics, machinery, environment engineering, material science, biotech, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, etc. Among them, there are 73 litigation patent attorneys, who can represent clients before the courts in patent-related litigations.

Our competitive edge

  • One-stop IP service – we can provide services in all areas of IP related matters.
  • Stable team of professionals – over half of our attorneys and paralegals have worked at NTD for more than 15 years. The same team continually works for the same client.
  • Teamwork based on strategic thinking – attorneys in patent, trademark and legal teams work closely, always standing in clients’ shoes and targeting clients’ core value.
  • Wide coverage of technical areas and deep comprehension of complicated technologies – our attorneys keep on learning new technologies and can fully understand the technical difficulties in patent prosecution, invalidation and litigation.
  • Reliable management system – the IP management system developed from our years of practice help to avoid human errors.
  • NTD IP Institute – we have an internal institute for training and academic research updating our people on the latest legal developments.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to be a reliable service provider in the area of IP law, enabling clients to handle their IP affairs in China efficiently and simply, while simultaneously maximising clients’ legal interests and minimising their costs.

Awards and honours

  • Patent Firm of the Year (Asia IP)
  • Licensing & Franchising Firm of the Year (Asia IP)
  • Ranked Tier 1 for trademark prosecution and strategy (WTR 1000 2021)
  • Recommended firm for Chinese patent prosecution in (IAM Patent 1000 2020)
  • Ranked Tier 1 for trademark prosecution and strategy (WTR 1000 2020)
  • Chinese Trademark Administrative Litigation Agency Top 10 (IP HOUSE 2020)
  • Chinese Patent Administrative Litigation Agency Top 10 (IP HOUSE 2019)
  • Chinese Trademark Administrative Litigation Agency Top 10 (IP HOUSE 2019)
  • Ranked gold for trademark prosecution and strategy (WTR 1000 2019)
  • Recommended firm for Chinese patent prosecution in (IAM Patent 1000 2019)

Commitment to the public

NTD is also committed to public services and our staff members are actively involved in various public service activities. We have made donations to help those affected by serious disasters – not only in China, but also in other countries. Legal services are provided free of charge to some institutes, the disabled, students and other individuals.

Contact details

NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys
10th Floor
Tower C
Beijing Global Trade Centre
36 North Third Ring Road East
Dongcheng District
Beijing 100013

Professional contacts

Other offices

  • Hong Kong
  • Munich
  • Shanghai
  • Silicon Valley
  • Tokyo

Sample client list

  • Bosch
  • DuPont
  • Henkel
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Panasonic
  • Pfizer
  • Philips
  • Porsche
  • Qualcomm

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