Li & Cai Intellectual Property Office

Li & Cai Intellectual Property Office, founded in 1985, is grouped into IP and legal departments. The IP department, teamed by experienced professionals and patent attorneys, is specialised in patent, trademark, copyright and IC related fields. Li & Cai is a top ten IP law firm in Taiwan and has been awarded top five in domestic service satisfaction by the APIPA survey, and provides the most reliable protection with its core values of shared professionalism, a passion for service, faith in quality, an intention to make clients feel secure.

In order to provide smarter and more direct IP rights services, Li & Cai serves Taiwanese businesses face-to-face in various cities in China, and organises seminars and exchange activities with relevant Chinese IP rights organisations to provide the most effective solutions to protect Taiwanese interests. Therefore, Li & Cai has also become the Taiwan firm with the most practical experience in IP rights in China.

Strengthening our professionalism and accurately understanding your requirements

Li & Cai provides comprehensive and professional domestic and international IP rights services, and Li & Cai’s professional services are divided into the following four domains:

  • Patents: representation for patent application, analysis, reexamination, invalidation action and other business, contractual agreements and registration of patent rights licensing and assignment
  • Trademarks: representation for trademark registration, transfer of documents for review, opposition, invalidation, etc., and extension, transfer, authorisation, and change of registered trademarks
  • Copyright: copyright infringement investigation and protection of computer software and other works
  • Protection of IP rights: Customs seizure applications and investigations, and bans against counterfeiting in cases of IP rights infringement cases

In addition, Li & Cai also provides consulting services on patents, trademarks, copyrights, IP rights and various business legal issues, and is the best partner for clients wishing to enhance their competitiveness.

Transnational service and comprehensive protection of IP rights

Li & Cai provides IP rights services in various countries.

  • Taiwan applications: organising regular education and training courses, and providing preliminary searches for cases or participation in research and development inquiry services, utilising patent rights to establish business strategy alliances with peers to enhance market shares
  • China applications: arranging for participation in China patent attorney training and other relevant training; there are strategic alliance partners throughout China to assist Taiwanese businessmen in IP rights case services
  • US applications: Li & Cai has a branch office in Washington DC and applications are translated, drafted, edited and proofread by American lawyers/certified patent attorneys, and the follow-up responses are provided by Li & Cai’s professionals in the United States to facilitate discussion and communication with US patent examiners on applications, which protects customer rights by virtue of a one-stop service
  • Other IP rights services: various IP rights consulting services, patent and trademark application matters, follow-up procedures, infringement assessment, and continuous improvement in services, such as organising seminars to enhance exchanges of IP rights and knowledge among different countries

All-round VIP exclusive service

Li & Cai has a team of professional IP rights services and technical consultants, specialising in patent and trademark law of various countries and providing professional and all-round VIP exclusive services to help clients solve problems in IP rights, and it delivers the latest and most complete IP rights messages through the media, such as exclusive websites and electronic newsletters, etc.

The exclusive services provided by Li & Cai include:

  • division of labour, professional focus and single contact for service;
  • strong patent attorney line-up and rich experience in patent drafting;
  • professional agent consultation and professional practice courses;
  • organising China and US patent practice seminars; and
  • analysing and planning patent infringement, litigation and defence, enhancing Li & Cai’s levels of service and depth of quality.


Li & Cai currently employs nearly 130 employees, including Taiwan patent attorneys, US patent agents/attorneys, China patent attorneys, Taiwan trademark agents and more than 60 patent engineers/specialists.

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Li & Cai Intellectual Property Office
9th Floor No 69 Sector 2
DunHua South Road
Da’an District
Taipei City 10682

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  • Hilti
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  • Realtek
  • Screen Holdings
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