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Lee International is one of the largest, internationally recognised IP law firms in Korea. Since its establishment in 1961, Lee International has been devoted to providing clients with a broad range of IP services whose quality match the firm’s core values of integrity and competence. Lee International is an unfailingly reliable partner when it comes to meet clients’ global IP needs thanks to its deep understanding of clients’ concerns and its capacity to support clients to meet their busines goals.


Lee International is renowned for providing cost-efficient solutions in relation to the protection and enforcement of IP rights of clients through exceptional services provided by highly qualified IP professionals and technical experts. Lee International works to promote innovation and enhance the value of clients’ IP rights by closely cooperating with clients in all sectors. The firm’s established attorneys routinely cooperate with trusted colleagues across the world to manage clients’ intellectual assets in order to maximise these assets’ value.


The firm’s team of attorneys has strong technical and scientific backgrounds. Many of the attorneys hold advanced degrees in specified scientific areas and had industry experience prior to becoming attorneys. The team also includes in-house subject matter experts who prepare and deliver high-quality Korean language translations of foreign-language specifications. The attorneys are knowledgeable in the relevant technological areas and skilled in assessing clients’ most complex patents and the value of the patent portfolios to protect their technology. Lee International’s patent practice has 60 patent attorneys supported by 150 technical engineers and administrative staff members.

Patent practice

Lee International’s patent practice is divided into three main groups:

  • Electronics and information technology – Lee International protects clients’ innovations in the fields of electronics and information technology. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing clients in the technical fields of semiconductors, storage solutions, displays, electric and electronic circuits, software, wireless telecommunications, artificial intelligence, blockchain and fintech. Many of our attorneys have deep technical understanding of the electronic and IT industry with years of industry experience prior to becoming attorneys. Our electronics and IT group provides clients with strategic advice to manage and license patent portfolios.
  • Machinery – Lee International’s experience serving clients in the fields of transportation, energy and semiconductor manufacturing devices is wide ranging. The firm’s attorneys are also deeply familiar with home appliances, footwear and sports equipment, medical devices, alloy and metallurgy. Many of the attorneys have worked for corporations or the government and have been actively involved in all phases of product development. This gives them an understanding of clients’ technologies that helps them safeguard the value of the clients’ IP assets.
  • Chemistry and life sciences – Lee International assists client in safeguarding chemical and materials science-based innovations, which frequently requires a cross-disciplinary approach with other technologies. The attorneys in the chemistry and life sciences group have vast experience and expertise in all chemistry-related technical areas, including organic and inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, agricultural chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering and food engineering, and provide legal services to clients in various chemical industries. Lee International offers extensive expertise in the life sciences industries, which comprehensively covers the increase of productivity in the agriculture and livestock fields, the development of new drugs and the establishment of a defence system that can cope with new diseases or aging by realising individually customised medical solutions based on genomics, from both legal and scientific perspectives. Lee International advises clients in the life sciences industries in relation to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and agriculture, and medical implants. The group’s attorneys leverage their diverse technical knowledge and industry experience to provide the highest-quality professional IP services.

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