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Kyowa Patent & Law Office is a full-service IP firm with more than 100 years of history.

Kyowa – a term that means ‘harmony’ and ‘balance’ – was established on 1 September 1908 by Tatsujiro Uchimura, a patent attorney and former examiner with the Japan Patent Office (JPO). Faithful to the firm’s name, Kyowa’s 60 patent attorneys, including five attorneys at law and one Chinese registered foreign lawyer, all cooperate to provide services tailored to each of our clients.


Kyowa is a partnership of 10 patent attorneys, one of whom is an attorney at law. It has six dedicated departments: mechanical, electrical, chemical, designs and trademarks, litigation and Chinese intellectual property. The partners represent each technical field and our patent attorneys and attorneys at law range from highly experienced senior attorneys to motivated young attorneys.

Highly qualified attorneys

Kyowa’s attorneys are graduates of high-ranking universities and specialists with rich knowledge in their field. Most of them have previous experience working in the R&D or patent section of large Japanese manufacturers. Some have worked as examiners for the JPO. With a wide range of technical backgrounds, we propose the best strategy for the protection of our clients’ innovations in view of the Japanese patent practice.

One of our attorneys at law is admitted to both the State Bar of California and the Bar of Japan. Our newest partner, Ruoling Du, is Chinese-licensed lawyer who handles all Chinese cases with the expedience and efficiency resulting from directly communicating in Chinese.

Century-long history and large scale

Ranging from large, global corporations to small, domestic entities, our clients are equally motivated to create cutting-edge technologies in various fields. The know-how that the firm has accumulated over more than a century of cases translates into consistently high-quality services.

The large scale of the firm enables Kyowa to retain a balanced team of senior, mid-career and young attorneys. Our senior attorneys contribute their wisdom and experience, while our younger attorneys bring their knowledge and understanding of the latest technology and IP law. This cycle makes Kyowa both a contemporary and historic firm today.

Collaboration between specialised departments

While Kyowa has efficiently accumulated know-how and experience in each IP field by establishing specialised departments, the firm’s culture encourages departments to collaborate actively when it is desirable to do so for our clients. Such collaboration is fundamental to Kyowa’s ability to act successfully as a one-stop shop for IP services such as:

  • advising on effective patent applications in interdisciplinary technologies;
  • strategising on applying for patents; and
  • responding to office actions in view of exercising future rights.

Original team system

Our team system is an original client management system. A team is formed for each client and the most capable attorney among the team is assigned as the team leader. The team leader checks and manages the quality of the team’s output, while ensuring that the clients’ requests are known to all team members. As a result, our clients receive invariably high-quality services. Similarly, litigation cases are handled by dedicated temporary teams of patent attorneys, for their technical expertise, headed by an attorney at law. This structure allows the teams to provide performant comprehensive services thanks to efficient communication and cost-conscious teamwork.

Attorneys at law with technical background

An attorney’s deep understanding of the technology is highly beneficial in making persuasive arguments in patent disputes. While it is uncommon in Japan for attorneys at law to have technical backgrounds, most of Kyowa’s attorneys at law have master’s or bachelor’s degrees in engineering, pharmaceutics or other sciences. With science and engineering backgrounds, Kyowa’s attorneys at law are fully capable of preparing detailed technical arguments to persuade the courts.

Kyowa’s goal

Over its 110-year history, Kyowa has been providing superior customised service in a wide range of technical fields. Having introduced the partnership management in 2015, we will continue to challenge ourselves for the benefit of our clients, while providing consistent, dependable legal services for the protection and utilisation of your IP rights well after acquisition.

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