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KNPZ is a commercial law firm that specialises in providing legal advice in all areas of IP law, including information technology, media and technology transfer. KNPZ focuses on patent litigation and patent litigation management – in particular, multi-jurisdictional patent litigation. KNPZ manages intellectual property in a distinctly commercial context. For KNPZ, managing commercial intellectual property means providing business consultancy, encompassing first-class legal and commercial support. KNPZ lawyers are experts across the entire spectrum of commercial intellectual property, having gained comprehensive experience during successful careers in major international law firms. Combining entrepreneurial understanding with profound legal expertise, KNPZ provides a unique service offering.

KNPZ services

KNPZ provides support encompassing the entire lifecycle of a product, from the development of a business idea to its implementation, the marketing of the final product and beyond. KNPZ does not limit its services to giving isolated legal answers, but rather provides comprehensive support and assists clients in identifying issues that may become relevant to them in the future. With its lawyers’ business consulting expertise, KNPZ assesses legal challenges from the point of view of clients’ business requirements. If required, KNPZ addresses complex legal questions comprehensively and at the most scientific level. However, KNPZ is aware that day-to-day business often requires prompt and pragmatic solutions, which its lawyers develop in close cooperation with clients.

Business sectors

A thorough understanding of clients’ businesses is indispensable for providing effective legal advice. KNPZ attaches great importance to its in-depth knowledge of clients’ industries, as well as its cutting-edge legal expertise. KNPZ lawyers have extensive and acknowledged experience in media and communications, technology and life sciences, luxury and consumer goods, advertising and marketing, design and art, information technology and e-commerce, and sports and entertainment.

Legal fields

KNPZ lawyers have well-founded experience and expertise in all legal areas that are essential in the field of commercial intellectual property, in particular international patent litigation management; patents and technology; contracts and licensing; trademark and competition law; information technology and outsourcing; media and personality rights; e-commerce, data protection and privacy; antitrust and distribution; copyrights and design; and dispute resolution/arbitration.

Practice areas

In the commercial IP field, KNPZ provides the following services to its clients:

  • Litigation – KNPZ protects and defends clients’ rights (eg, in multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration proceedings) in all national courts and the European Court of Justice.
  • IP protection – KNPZ carries out IP rights registration in national and international registers and their successful enforcement.
  • IP clearance – KNPZ investigates the existence and scope of third parties’ IP rights (eg, in view of planned product launches, publications or advertising campaigns).
  • Contracts – KNPZ carries out drafting, analysis and negotiation of contracts (eg, project contracts, R&D agreements, licence agreements and general terms and conditions).
  • Cooperations – KNPZ provides assistance in all cooperation projects by drafting and negotiating the required contracts (eg, in the areas of outsourcing, joint ventures, university cooperation projects and sponsorship).
  • Distribution – KNPZ advises and supports clients in successfully marketing and distributing their products (eg, in developing distribution and franchising systems).
  • Portfolio management – KNPZ structures and organises clients’ intellectual property, conducts market surveillance and optimises clients’ IP portfolios.
  • Transactions – KNPZ advises and supports clients in IP-related M&A deals and other transactions and projects, with services ranging from due diligence to drafting and negotiation of the corresponding contracts.

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