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King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) is an international law firm headquartered in Asia. We have over 1,300 lawyers in 12 offices across China and globally over 2,000 lawyers in 27 offices spanning Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We are a global law firm providing a one-stop legal solution under the laws of China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany and Italy. With a large legal talent pool equipped with local in-depth and legal practice, we provide legal services in multiple languages.

Our IP practice, especially patent practice, is uniquely situated under this rich international backdrop. We have provided services to multinational and domestic clients using extensive legal experience and technical expertise. KWM’s high regard for clients’ intellectual property is the foundation of our business and our core practice. We aim to provide solutions to clients for a variety of IP-related issues. In that effort, we seek to dismantle old barriers and create new and innovative models to protect clients’ interests. We have been recognised as one of the leading IP practices in China by clients, peers and trade associations.

As one of the five large practice groups at the firm, our IP group provides full service in IP areas ranging from patents, trademarks and IP transactions to IP litigation. Our practices are spearheaded by 48 partners in different practice areas.

The patent prosecution team has over 130 patent attorneys, patent agents and patent engineers covering all major technical fields, including telecommunications, computer science, semiconductors, internet technology, electronics/electricity, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, chemicals, materials, automobiles, mechanicals and designs. The team provides our clients with high-quality patent searches/watch, patent application drafting and prosecutions. Our patent team is highly experienced in patent re-examinations, patent invalidations, opinions on patent validity and infringement, patent administrative lawsuits and advice on strategies for patent protection.

KWM’s patent litigation team has an authoritative presence in the highly competitive Chinese market. We have successfully represented many leading patent disputes in China and set new case precedence on behalf of our international and domestic clients. Many of our cases have been selected as annual representative IP cases by the Supreme People’s Court and local courts.

Our team has a wealth of experience in trial and appeal cases. Our winning recipe is the combination of technical competency and in-depth legal understanding. Over 85% of our patent attorneys have graduate degrees in technical areas and their ability to compare patent claim features and targets can substantively aid our clients’ cases. Our colleagues with previous behind-the-bench experience regularly narrow the focus of cases to the key issues. Our patent litigators have worked full time on patent infringement and invalidation cases for many years. We have developed special litigation capabilities and capacities in telecommunications, semiconductors, computer software, pharmaceutical and life sciences, and robotics.

In the fiercely competitive Chinese legal market, KWM China has maintained its stable and high-speed growth – in terms of revenue, scale and presence in IP-related markets – through innovative programmes and initiatives. As one of the leading industry players, our sights are firmly fixed on the next phase of development. To remain competitive, the firm must continue to develop new products and engage deeply with its clients. Our evolving practice celebrates collaboration and regularly demonstrates innovation in complicated IP cases and cross-border M&A. We have been recognised as one of the few legal firms involved in the largest and most innovative IP transactions.

KWM is a pioneering firm among its Chinese peers. In 2017 we restructured our IP group across several Chinese offices and established an IP management team in our Shanghai office. Our IP innovation business group is driving new business and discovering the most creative IP and legal services and products in order to maintain KWM’s leading practice position.

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