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The firm was first established in 1919 as Momsen, Leonardos & Cia and became Kasznar Leonardos in 2012 – after the names of senior partners and IP experts Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete, Filipe Leonardos and Gabriel Leonardos. With a century of experience in protecting and enforcing the patents, trademarks and copyright of some of the world’s largest companies, Kasznar holds a leading position in intellectual property in Brazil due to the expertise of its partners and team. The firm has offices in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and its 25 partners and more than 260 employees are distributed across four main departments:

  • trademarks;
  • patents and industrial designs;
  • IP litigation; and
  • licensing.

Considered a reference for IP law in Brazil and abroad, Ms Kasznar Fekete has 35 years’ experience in intellectual property. She excels in the strategic planning of IP-related litigation and in the establishment of anti-counterfeiting programmes. Filipe Leonardos, reputed trademark lawyer, and Gabriel F Leonardos, celebrated IP litigation and licensing lawyer, each have over 30 years of experience in intellectual property.

The other three senior partners of the firm – Eduardo Colonna Rosman, Gustavo Barbosa and João Luis Vianna – also have decades of IP experience and run the prestigious patent department, together with Tatiana Silveira.

The patent team – experts in a variety of fields, such as aeronautics, mining, automotive, biotechnology, electronics, oil and gas, chemistry, information technology, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and steel – drafts, files and prosecutes patent applications from local and foreign companies. The litigation department is another strong team, led by Gabriel Leonardos. Among the firm’s partners, leading lawyers have shaped and continue to shape Brazilian IP case law, with a great record of accomplishments for our clients.

Today, with partners, employees and associates in all Brazilian states, Kasznar provides Brazilian and foreign companies with a wide range of technical and judicial services in IP areas such as trademarks, domain names, patents, copyright, geographical indications, computer and software rights, unfair competition, trade secrets and confidential data, litigation and dispute resolution, marketing law and entertainment, licence compliance and anti-piracy, anti-counterfeiting, industrial designs, technology transfer, franchising and licensing, regulatory healthcare law, life sciences and the protection of plant varieties. In these areas, Kasznar’s team acts as:

  • attorneys in the prosecution of applications;
  • legal advisers in licensing and other contract matters;
  • lawyers in litigation and arbitration; and
  • neutrals in arbitration and mediation.

Kasznar’s patent department is prepared and qualified to provide consultancy, especially reports on patentability, freedom to operate and validity of patents and industrial design registrations, as well as all services necessary for preparing, monitoring and obtaining patents and industrial design registrations in Brazil and abroad, for different knowledge areas. The department is made up of specialists in electronic, mechanical, chemical, aerospace and mines engineering, pharmacy, medicine, biotechnology and information technology, among others.

Around 70% of Kasznar’s clients are multinationals from industries such as oil and gas, energy, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, biotech, steel, aeronautics, auto, electronics, telecommunications and information technology. Kasznar is fully able to meet the needs of these clients because it can count on a highly qualified team of professionals with diverse and complementary academic backgrounds.

The vast majority of experts who make up the firm’s patent, trademark and litigation teams have a postgraduate or master’s degree and some also have doctorate degrees. Many of the firm’s professionals have been educated abroad, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Argentina and Spain. The firm’s multilingual staff speak Portuguese, English, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian and Italian – among other languages.

Kasznar was created with a team of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in protecting and enforcing the patents, trademarks and copyright of some of the largest companies in the world. To these strengths, Kasznar has added agility, efficiency and the motivation to expand.

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