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Jiaquan IP Law is one of China’s most renowned IP law firms, providing award-winning services by assisting clients at home and abroad with the development, acquisition and enforcement of IP rights. With over 486 IP professionals, Jiaquan’s expertise stretches across the application, prosecution, litigation, invalidation and transaction of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Jiaquan has developed from a patent legal service provider founded in 1988 to gradually covering broader services of IP filing, prosecution and transaction. This sets us apart from other IP agents. Our many years of practice means that we know more the enforceability of a patent right, while our rich experience of patent enforcement guides us through patent claim drafting.

Over 30 years, the firm has expanded to 10 offices in Beijing, Changsha and the main cities of the Pearl River Delta Region, with a team of over 700 people covering all technical backgrounds. We have worked with business partners in over 100 countries in the world. We tailor IP strategies to suit our client’s needs and have a track record of thousands of successful outcomes.

Patent drafting and prosecution

Patent drafting and prosecution is one of our key practice areas. We file over 20,000 patent applications (including invention, utility model and design) every year. Our team of over 364 patent attorneys and patent engineers includes 13 former patent examiners and 15 professionals qualified as both patent attorney and attorney at law. Many of our attorneys hold advanced degrees in their technical fields and/or have worked in the industry. The technologies at issue span nearly every industry sector, including electronics, mechanicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, automation, computer software, and information technology. Besides, we set up a QC board headed by two lead attorneys (former patent examiners) to supervise drafting of important patent specifications.

Patent invalidation and litigation

Jiaquan is listed as one of the 2019 Top 10 IP Agents for Civil Patent Litigations in China. Our litigation team consists of 30 attorneys at law, one nominated IP infringement judgment expert and one former judge. We handle nearly 300 patent litigations and invalidations every year. Our team has comprehensive experience in invalidation proceedings before China National Intellectual Property Administration and assists our clients all the way from analysis of target patents to invalidation proceedings. We frequently represent clients before different level of courts or administrative authorities, assisting clients with the effective enforcement of their IP rights or defending them against third-party claims. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing patentees and defending against patent infringement claims in patent litigation cases.

Patent search

Our patent search team consists of three former patent examiners and eight experienced patent attorneys. Our team has technically prevailed in a national patent searching competition in 2018. We provide almost all kinds of patent search and analysis, including patentability, infringement/non infringement, freedom to operate, landscape and validity. We can also provide flexible workflows to meet our client’s expectation – for example, mid-term report, teleconference before a formal report is issued, brief conclusion instead of a formal report. Our attorneys speak several languages and have extensive knowledge of IP rights prosecution and infringement case law, which enables them to provide comprehensive analysis to different clients in different sectors.

In early 2019, we established two law firms in Beijing and Guangzhou to cover other legal services besides IP. This means that Jiaquan is now a full-service law firm covering the entire legal needs of its clients.

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