ITOH International Patent Office

ITOH International Patent Office was established in December 1967 as a firm specialising in patents relating to the electrical and mechanical fields. Since then, thanks to significant advances in technology and increased recognition of the importance of IP rights, the firm has grown dramatically. Today, the firm comprises patent attorneys, technical specialists and administrative staff who can handle all technical fields. In May 2012 the firm moved its main office to Marunouchi MY PLAZA in the Marunouchi district of Tokyo. These new premises are in the heart of Tokyo’s main business district and are conveniently accessible to visitors. The new office was designed to preserve the firm’s original character while improving its client service, staff cooperation and a sense of togetherness. The location, with its view of the Imperial Palace, provides a conducive atmosphere for business meetings.

Areas of specialism

ITOH International Patent Office has specialised knowledge in all technical fields, with a focus on automatic control systems, telecommunications, semiconductors, information processing, computers, materials, chemistry and biotechnology.

International experience

Since its inception, ITOH International Patent Office has handled not only domestic applications, but also many applications filed by Japan-based clients in other countries across the globe. The firm’s policy is to have all foreign specifications (primarily in English) prepared by its in-house patent attorneys and technical specialists, who have extensive knowledge and experience of foreign and domestic patent practices.

ITOH International Patent Office can precisely translate English specifications into Japanese for filing and prosecuting patent applications in order to secure enforceable patent rights in Japan. The firm’s patent attorneys and technical specialists are fully versed and knowledgeable of Japanese patent prosecution, enforcement procedures and practices.

With a team of experts who can handle all technical fields, are always up to date on the latest developments in laws and regulations and can draw on knowledge gained through 50 years of experience, ITOH International Patent Office is equipped to draft and prosecute effective patent applications in order to ensure enforceable patent rights in Japan. As a general rule, the firm interviews inventors in order to gain a full understanding of their inventions and accurately determine the objectives of clients.

Using their extensive experience and thorough legal and technical knowledge gained over many years, the practitioners of ITOH International Patent Office handle not only patent applications, but also trials before the Japan Patent Office (JPO), suits before the IP High Court against JPO appeal decisions, infringement litigation and expert opinions.

Today, ITOH International Patent Office comprises 217 staff, including 62 Japanese patent attorneys (some of whom have passed the US Patent Bar exam), an attorney at law, a US patent lawyer, a US attorney at law (California), a Chinese patent attorney, a Korean patent attorney, 37 patent engineers and 110 administrative staff.

In recent years, as Japan has been concentrating on the strengthening of IP rights for the prosperity of the country and as the world’s IP systems become internationally harmonised, the global protection of intellectual property has become much more important.

In the midst of this age of change, all members of ITOH International Patent Office will continue to strive to offer high-quality and prompt services that completely satisfy our international clients’ needs.

Languages spoken

Working languages include English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and French.

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ITOH International Patent Office
Marunouchi MY PLAZA 16th Floor
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Tokyo 100-0005

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