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Work with a firm that represents more than just the matter at hand.

We at Han Santos have been where you are, have sat where you sit – we can make your business goals a reality, in alignment with your technology and legal needs.

Nexus of law, technology and business strategy  

Imagine discussing your invention with a patent expert who could code it from scratch or landing a licensing deal with advice from a senior lawyer who has negotiated hundreds of them.

Picture what could be possible if your counsel not only advised you but also advised the policy makers themselves.

What if your corporate counsel went beyond simply drafting your deals and had a proven track record of designing and implementing business plans and departmental strategies?

At Han Santos your business goals are our business goals. We’ve sat in your seat; we’ve patented our own technologies and we’ve protected our own futures.

Our experienced attorneys and technical experts provide expertise from all perspectives: legal, business and technology.

Services that support your growth 

From company formation and governance to guidance on patents, copyright and trademarks, we provide support at all stages of organisational development – including capital formation, mergers and acquisitions, licensing and more.

Work that is representative of technical accumen and diverse business expertise  

We serve companies of all sizes – from start-ups to Fortune 50 – in fields including software, e-commerce and biotech. Our clients all have one thing in common, however: each is at the top of its game. We deal in difficult technologies. We lean into the labyrinth of legal structures. We are pivotal privacy experts. In short, our business model is becoming experts in your business strategy and success.

A focus on tech  

Han Santos shines in the technical space. Many of our attorneys have been senior working engineers in industry and are able to efficiently converse with architect level engineers in their subject matter. Specific areas of expertise are software, semiconductors, telecommunications, fintech and cybersecurity.

Unique expertise

Our collective backgrounds include a diverse range of industries and technologies; the clients we serve and our areas of expertise are accordingly expansive.

Highlighted associate backgrounds include:

  • three former general counsel for a leading Fortune 50 technology company; 
  • former director of intellectual property for one of the largest telecommunications organisations in the United States;  
  • current general counsel for a US national industry group, as well as a board member of a US standards-setting committee; 
  • former Microsoft and Boeing developers familiar with systems programming, graphics programming, cloud infrastructure and microservices; 
  • former telecommunications engineers capable of advising in 5G and core network technologies; 
  • privacy experts (certified information systems security professionals and certified information privacy professionals) with deep knowledge of payments and a doctoral fellow in blockchain mathematics; 
  • former semiconductor core architecture team members with both analog and digital expertise; and
  • former Boeing aerospace engineers with knowledge of modern composites. 

Diversity matters to us  

We are a fully minority-owned law firm and have the track record to demonstrate that diversity within our organisation provides a key competitive advantage; key to having the rare bona fide openness to any and all ideas critical to innovation and creativity; and key to and deep and authentic understanding of your business, your clients and you.

Han Santos does not just seek to do business with clients. We seek to empower our clients to harness their unique identities into their competitive and economic advantage. In doing so, we believe that not only do we enable all those with different backgrounds to thrive in society, we then as a society share in the richness those diverse backgrounds. In this way, Han Santos seeks to embody the best of how a law firm can be a force for good. 

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