GEVERS is market leader in Belgium for intellectual property and one of the leading IP offices in France. In both France and Belgium, GEVERS is recognised by peers for its capabilities in patent services. Collaborating with GEVERS is to choose more than 120 years of experience in patents, trademarks, designs and much more.

As an IP service provider GEVERS is committed to being its clients’ privileged partner for the identification, protection, management, exploitation and enforcement of IP rights throughout the full lifecycle of our clients’ assets.

GEVERS provides best-in-class IP services totally aligned with its clients' business strategy, including specialised services such as contracting, valuation, valourisation and dispute resolution.

Adding value to clients' ideas through quality, security, innovation and excellence is what GEVERS stands for.

With more than 250 professionals at the GEVERS Group, representing more than 10 native languages including all official languages of the European offices, GEVERS is a one-stop IP firm with expertise and practical experience in different domains and sectors: from aeronautics, watch making, information and communications technology, industrial chemistry, physics, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, energy, mechanics and biotechnology to fast-moving consumer goods, the entertainment sector, agriculture and nanotechnology.

Whatever IP needs you may have in Europe, GEVERS provides services suited to your expectations, at both the regional and national level.

GEVERS offices are located in the heart of Europe, with 75% of the EU market within 500km of a GEVERS office. This allows GEVERS professionals to travel to any location in Europe according to clients' needs. GEVERS acts before multiple national IP offices in Europe, including the EPO and the EU Intellectual Property Office.

Its locally qualified patent attorneys file national patent applications in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. GEVERS professionals validate granted European patents directly at the national patent offices of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Netherlands. Further, using the centralised location of GEVERS in Europe and its broad European network, GEVERS can validate your granted patents in all other member states of the European Patent Convention. Experienced GEVERS opposition attorneys can oppose granted European patents before the EPO.

Besides being a European key player in intellectual property, GEVERS has a specialised international team including a China and US IP desk at its European headquarters, crossing borders far beyond Europe.

Thanks to its offices in Europe and extensive network of partners, the GEVERS Group is currently active in 180 countries.

Relying on IP, legal and financial experts and supported by information specialists, GEVERS partners with clients throughout the entire innovation cycle.

With 250 highly educated professionals, GEVERS is a reliable, trustworthy and efficient IP partner in Europe. For several decades our experts have played a leading role in professional organisations.

GEVERS created its own Global Coverage Portal, which is independent from its document management system. This innovative portal allows users to map all active and historical rights and to provide a clear view on the territorial and area coverage, information which can be used to meet long-term investment goals, as well as to match registrations and watches. Patents and trademarks are grouped in families to support historical and investment overviews. GEVERS is highly recommended by its clients for patent, trademark and design protection strategy advice and portfolio management. GEVERS' objective is to be clients' European privileged partner for the protection, management and exploitation of their intellectual property for the full lifecycle of their assets, totally aligned with their business strategy. Adding value through quality, security, innovation and excellence is what GEVERS professionals aim for. Most important is the quality of the relationship that GEVERS professionals have with clients.

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  • Albea
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  • European Commission
  • Fuji Oil
  • ITW
  • Prayon
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