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Eisenführ Speiser is an IP law firm with a mixed team of specialists, including both patent attorneys and attorneys at law. Founded in 1966 in Bremen by Günther Eisenführ, the firm has become a renowned IP luminary and undergone substantial and continuous growth. Across its four offices in Bremen, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg, more than 50 patent attorneys and attorneys at law serve a broad national and international client base.

Recent highlights

Recent highlights of Eisenführ Speiser’s team encompass several successful patent litigation campaigns in the area of mobile communication and audio coding (including standard-essential patents), as well as patent enforcement during trade fairs. Further, the firm is increasingly involved in litigation relating to trademark and design matters and serves a growing demand for its IP strategy counselling, especially as regards extensive freedom-to-operate and IP landscape analyses.

IP innovator

Eisenführ Speiser was the first IP law firm in Germany to introduce an electronic filing system using fully electronic IP office processes. Since 2011, the firm’s clients have been offered innovative electronic support for their internal procedures via remote access to their files, thereby considerably reducing their office expenditure for documenting IP activities.

Prosecutors – litigators – strategists

Eisenführ Speiser is a full-service IP law firm. Traditionally strong in IP prosecution, the firm has gained a strong reputation in IP litigation over the past two decades and is routinely visible in international patent litigation campaigns for major national and international corporations. The firm represents clients before German and European courts and coordinates parallel court actions and licensing negotiations across multiple jurisdictions.

Eisenführ Speiser’s litigation teams of legal and patent attorneys have been involved in numerous litigations with multinational scope which led to landmark decisions, including the German Federal Court of Justice decision in Orange-Book-Standard and the first post-Huawei infringement decision of the Dusseldorf and Mannheim District Courts. The firm’s attorneys are also regularly engaged as independent IP evaluators.

Eisenführ Speiser’s approach to IP counselling is strongly business minded and considers intellectual property as an integral part of companies’ assets, to be strategically used within the framework of attaining corporate objectives. The firm’s spectrum ranges from individual IP services – including IP-related analyses and expertise – to long-term strategic counselling and tailored strategic IP counselling.

Inter-office practice groups

Eisenführ Speiser’s attorneys organise and coordinate their work in practice groups, which are formed across multiple office locations.

There are legal practice groups comprising highly specialised and renowned attorneys in the fields of:

  • patent prosecution and litigation;
  • trademark prosecution and litigation;
  • design prosecution and litigation;
  • IP contracts and licensing;
  • IP portfolio analysis and consulting;
  • IP freedom-to-operate analysis;
  • IP due diligence;
  • IP strategy development and implementation;
  • competition law;
  • copyright law;
  • antitrust law; and
  • employee invention law.

Further, Eisenführ Speiser has industry groups comprising attorneys with unique experience in certain industries and technical fields, including:

  • electrical engineering;
  • renewable energy;
  • physics and materials science;
  • computer-implemented inventions and software;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • civil engineering;
  • chemistry and life sciences;
  • medical technology; and
  • Internet of Things.

The interdisciplinary and inter-office cooperation between the firm’s patent attorneys and attorneys at law generates significant clout in handling complex IP matters. Interdisciplinary short-term and long-term project teams led by one or more experienced partners are formed according to clients’ individual requirements or the specific task at hand.

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