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Deriş has been a trusted IP adviser for more than 107 years. The firm is a one-stop shop for IP services, with a large and internationally regarded IP prosecution and litigation team. We have been a pioneer in shaping the IP landscape by obtaining precedential court decisions and participating in the preparation of IP legislation upon the invitation of the relevant legislative bodies. We provide a wide spectrum of high-quality services that are essential for securing, maintaining and enforcing IP rights.

Our services and counselling are supported by our trademark attorneys and technical experts, who are national and European patent attorneys, under a unique service approach combining longstanding enforcement experience with prosecution-technical expertise. Our goal is to secure enforceable IP rights in the market so that they can be transformed into sustainable commercial values.

Deriş has so far represented several multinational firms to enforce their patents in Turkey, either through nationwide established and tailored enforcement programmes or through litigation. Most of this litigation has a multi-jurisdictional character and is technically complex.

Deriş intends to keep its niche IP focus by expanding into areas that overlap with intellectual property such as IT law, media, advertising, competition and telecommunications, with a view to continuing to act as a reference for all IP and IT-related matters in Turkey.

The firm is also developing its technology and helpware to keep up and even improve its operational efficiency.

The team consists of 30 attorneys at law and 29 registered trademark and patent attorneys, six European patent attorneys and one US patent attorney. With administrative and support staff in the trademark, search, design patent, patent and litigation departments, the firm boasts a headcount of more than 85.

Deriş specialises in IP, IT and media-related cases. It has an agile and cost-conscious approach, pragmatically combining and coordinating tailormade solutions in complex disputes.

Deriş has a strong patent litigation team, members of which are qualified to act before the courts in all types of action, including infringement, invalidity, declarations of non-infringement and unfair competition actions. The litigation team is supported by technical experts, which comprise national and European patent attorneys – this makes the firm’s service unique by combining longstanding litigation experience with prosecution and technical expertise. This experience and knowledge enable the litigation and patent teams to provide strategic, technical and commercial advice to enforce patents and designs, and to protect and defend clients’ inventions, respectively. 

Deriş has an outstanding track record in handling multi-jurisdictional patent disputes with high technical complexity and a significant impact on the Turkish market. The firm has represented market-leading companies as well as SEP owners in nationwide patent enforcement and technology licensing programmes with successful outcomes. It considers designs as valuable IP assets and has built considerable expertise in design litigation involving spare parts.

Deriş implements patent enforcement programmes that involve litigation, licensing and border protection programmes. One of these border protection programmes was accepted as one of the best in Turkish practice and was presented within the scope of the EU and Ministry of Customs Project in Turkey in March 2017.

Deriş manages a considerable amount of provisional protection and validation work with regard to European patents before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office with high-quality translations, which are vital for the successful enforcement of patents.

We offer our patent service not only in Turkey but at the international level with experience of acting before international and regional institutions such as WIPO and the EPO and cooperating with a worldwide network of patent agents.

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Deriş Attorney-at-Law Partnership
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