DEQI Intellectual Property Law Corporation

DEQI is the successor of the Patent Service Centre of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which was founded in 1984, and privatised and renamed DEQI in 2001. Now DEQI counts over 140 employees, including 85 attorneys, and processes over 4,000 cases per year. In addition to handling files for domestic clients, DEQI also provides services to many overseas clients, including multinational enterprises.

DEQI boasts abundant experience in drafting applications in both Chinese and English. This enables DEQI to provide overseas clients with precise technological and legal interpretations, rather than mere literal translations. Sixty percent of DEQI’s attorneys have worked at the agency for over 10 years. The stability of the workforce means that the services provided by DEQI are of a consistently high standard.

In 2013 DEQI was named one of Beijing’s top 10 patent agencies. In 2015, DEQI came second (among patent agencies whose total volume of granted patents exceeded 10,000) in China’s first publicly available ranking of patent agencies according to the number of patents granted. In 2018 DEQI was accredited as an AAAAA patent agency (the highest grade) by the Beijing Patent Attorneys Association.

Our understanding

As professional attorneys serving domestic clients, we cooperate with local inventors closely to provide the full range of legal services, which may bring to the fore other and new aspects of our inventors’ work to protect. We are proud that our domestic clients choose to rely on us.

As Chinese attorneys serving international clients, we not only translate the languages, but also explain the specifics of Chinese laws and convey the thinking of Chinese examiners to help foreign companies and attorneys understand the local context and procedures accurately. To a large extent, we act as facilitators.

Whatever the situation, we always emphasise the importance of understanding – understanding the technologies, the language, the reasoning of examiners, the instructions and intentions of the clients – to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our service and communication.

What people say about us

  • “DEQI is a very special agency among more than 30 Chinese agencies we work with. We recommend DEQI to our clients for its stable personnel, reasonable charges, politeness and zero error” (partner at a Japanese associate firm)
  • “DEQI stands out for its high-quality service and very professional responses” (partner at a European associate firm)
  • “We have worked with DEQI for many years and we’ve been happy with the quality of DEQI’s work and the responsiveness of the DEQI attorneys, and it would be my preference to continue to work with DEQI on a virtually exclusive basis” (partner at a US associate firm)
  • “We have cooperated with DEQI for many years, and DEQI is trustworthy and reliable” (partner at a Japanese associate firm)

Searches and analyses

Many patent applications are deployed in China, and a large proportion of the applications filed in China are exclusive to China and used either to enter the market or to allow the manufacture of a product using the protected technology. This, in addition to the distinctiveness of the Chinese language, makes it a real need for many clients to retain reliable Chinese agents to conduct searches and analyses of the Chinese patent applications.

DEQI’s search team is made up of 17 lawyers, patent attorneys and professionals who are experienced in conducting technical searches and formulating search strategies and analyses. DEQI also has technical specialists who provide technical support for searches and analyses. The team conducts the following types of search and analysis:

  • novelty search;
  • invalidity search;
  • free-to-operate search;
  • project search;
  • granted patent search;
  • legal status search;
  • patent family search;
  • tracking search; and
  • infringement analysis.

Contact details

DEQI Intellectual Property Law Corporation
7/F Xueyuan International Tower
No 1 Zhichun Road
Haidian District
Beijing 100083

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