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Founded in 1998, Co-effort Law Firm LLP is an all-round China-based law firm that focuses on domestic and international business. The first law firm in Shanghai to become a limited liability partnership, Co-effort fully devotes itself to providing professional legal solutions to courtroom and business issues that are vital to its clients’ success. With headquarters in Shanghai, the firm has over 400 lawyers in 14 offices across China, as well as seven offices abroad. The firm has also signed the One Belt, One Road Strategical Legal Services Cooperation Framework Agreement with 16 law firms along transport routes, thus widening its service offer.

The IP department is at the core of Co-effort’s practice, providing high-quality professional services under the motto “Enrich IP Rights”. With 20 years of experience providing IP services, the IP department enjoys an excellent reputation in China. The IP department is made up of the Co-effort IP attorney team, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Academy, JINSHENG Co-effort Agent Co Ltd and YOU Minjian Intellectual Property Mediation Labor Model Innovation Studio. These four teams work together to provide full IP services that cover trademark registration, patent prosecution, copyright registration, IP litigation and arbitration, IP enforcement, IP financing and transaction, IP licensing and assignment, IP management and IP related academic researches, among other services.

Led by Minjian You, over 60 IP professionals have handled more than 10,000 IP cases and published about 500 IP monographs. The firm’s WeChat account has over 100,000 subscribers. Co-effort’s highly acclaimed IP practice prides itself in having been involved in many historical ‘firsts’ in the IP field of China, such as the first anti-trust dispute, the only successful lawsuit against pirated software to date, the first online game case, the first final software user case, the first IP case in the Western part of the country, and so on. Some of the cases had been listed among the Top 10 IP Cases of the Year by the Chinese Supreme Court. Non-litigation business is also a very important part of the practice. We help customers complete a series of procedures such as trademark application, transfer, objection, etc. We assist our clients with the litigious and non-litigious aspects of various IP matters in order to maximise the value of their intellectual property.

We focus on the development of domestic and international markets. Our clients include large multinational corporations such as Hewlett-Packard Company, Abbott Laboratories Ltd, Microsoft, Aston Martin, Blue Skin and Adobe, as well as domestic corporations such as Lenovo, Tencent, China Literature and SNDA Group. Our clients are leaders or rising stars in their industries.

In recent years, in parallel to the fast growth of the entertainment, media and technology industries, we have expanded our services in the fields of software, media, mobile games, no-line video sharing, cultural creative, animation and comic, film and TV programmes, and have designed comprehensive solutions for the IP legal services relating to M&As, IPOs and foreign direct investment. The experience in IP financing and transaction has given the team a great reputation in IP management services.

Besides legal services, the IP department has also carried out many governmental research programmes, such as the Shanghai Copyright Annual Report (2008-2015) and the Jiangsu Copyright Annual Report (2012-2015), and some legislative suggestion programmes for the Shanghai municipal government. The department is also able to respond quickly to new technologies and academic research, and frequently holds cutting-edge legal research seminars and forums.

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