Clark+Elbing LLP

Clark+Elbing LLP is a top-tier IP law firm focused on protecting and promoting innovations in the life sciences, chemistry, devices and diagnostics industries.

Founded in 1996 by a group with a shared passion for science, our firm has a long-held reputation as a premier law firm for patents. We are proud to offer a robust team of IP attorneys with advanced degrees in science who are supported by a group of PhDs who are at the forefront of scientific innovation.

We are curious, collaborative, precise and creative. We are unapologetic science enthusiasts with a deep appreciation for technology. We understand what it is, how it works, why it matters and what it is worth.


Clark+Elbing represents clients at the forefront of scientific discovery and technological innovation. From universities, medical centres and companies of all sizes to the investors who back them, we represent leaders in their respective fields. Our practice encompasses intellectual property in the areas of life sciences, chemistry, devices and diagnostics.

How we work

While other law firms may claim that they think “outside of the box”, we are not confined by such platitudes. Our creative problem solving is informed by sound legal analysis and driven by the same passion for discovery that energises our clients. We share clients’ passion of science as well as their business vision, and together we find the path that gets them there.

As IP attorneys with advanced degrees in science, we understand complex scientific principles, so no time or resources are wasted on basic instruction. We offer a focused, consistent team of experts that stays involved with clients throughout the IP lifecycle. Our partners remain actively involved in all aspects of representation. Our team works side by side with clients’ executives and scientists, providing a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. With our deep experience in the scientific, strategic and legal aspects of intellectual property, we are up to speed from the word ‘go’.

Patent prosecution

We advise on all aspects of patent prosecution in both the United States and worldwide, from receiving an invention disclosure and determining inventorship through to obtaining the patent and protecting it through post-grant proceedings. We work with clients to maximise the patent term and lifecycle for innovations. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of technical areas, including the life sciences, chemistry, devices and diagnostics industries.

Corporate and investment diligence

Understanding the value of a company’s IP assets can influence prices in M&A, financing and licensing transactions. We take a broad view of intangible assets and analyse all of a client’s intellectual property, including patents, patent applications, licensing agreements, know-how and trademarks, to assess their overall IP strengths and liabilities.

We conduct due diligence reviews of intellectual property for acquiring and merging companies as well as for institutional investors and venture capitalists. We also assist our clients in diligence by these groups. Through working with corporate clients, including Fortune 500 companies and other global leaders with track records of success, we are intimately familiar with the business realities of intellectual property. Our work with investors also keeps us current on what the market looks for in evaluating IP assets. As we have extensive experience working on both sides of deals, clients benefit from a comprehensive view of the diligence process.

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Sample client list

  • Genentech Inc
  • Massachusetts General Brigham
  • ModernaTX Inc