Cedar White Bradley

Cedar White Bradley (CWB) is a leading regional IP firm that specialises in protecting and enforcing IP rights throughout the Middle East and North African (MENA) region.

The breadth of international level services on offer distinguishes the firm’s patents group from that of other firms in the region. Through its combination of technical skills, legal expertise and regional experience, CWB’s patent group excels in:

  • advising clients on building and managing international patent portfolios and assisting international clients with their Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) national phase entry in the jurisdictions that we cover;
  • preparing opinions, and assessing patent infringement and validity risks to provide product clearance, obtain competitive intelligence and prepare for patent litigation;
  • conducting prior art searches and preparing patentability and freedom-to-operate opinions;
  • conducting patent portfolio audits to help R&D organisations make informed decisions about cultivating intellectual property and enable them to effectively transfer and commercialise strategically valuable IP; 
  • establishing IP and technology transfer policies;
  • developing technology transfer procedures, guidelines, forms and agreements;
  • assisting in invention reviews and patent committees; and
  • advising clients on commercialisation of inventions and IP licensing transactions.

Patent drafting, filing and prosecution

CWB has a team of patent attorneys, consultants and paralegals that work together to draft, file and prosecute international patent applications under the PCT and national patent applications at the various national patent offices across the MENA region.

CWB’s patent team devises filing strategies for obtaining optimal patent protection throughout the MENA region, which often includes a combination of:

  • national patent applications;
  • PCT applications; and
  • entering PCT applications into the national phase.

CWB’s regional infrastructure, streamlined processes and experienced staff means that it is able to execute multi-jurisdictional filing programmes in a cost-effective and timely manner. In addition, CWB covers all major markets – including the United States and Europe – through its own attorneys or its global network of trusted agents.

CWB’s professionals work in and offer translation services for patent documentation in English, Arabic, French and Farsi.

Patent portfolio management

CWB offers patent portfolio management services to clients designed to help them identify low value intellectual property (weak, non-strategic, non-commercial patents) that should be divested or abandoned and enable portfolio managers to reallocate their resources and focus on intellectual assets with the greatest potential for successful commercialisation and returns on investment.

Technology transfer

CWB’s patents group supports research institutions with their technology transfer and commercialisation efforts by identifying and procuring invention management systems; developing procedures and guidelines for evaluating invention disclosures based on ownership, patentability and marketability; analysing the patentability and marketability of inventions and determining ownership and access rights to any resulting patents; identifying and contracting vendors for specialised market reports; reviewing market reports and making recommendations on patent protection, proof of concept, incubation and commercialisation; establishing internal committees to review all invention disclosures received by technology transfer offices and make decisions on patenting and commercialisation; establishing programmes to support technology maturation and implementation; and conducting due diligence on potential licensees.

Full-service offering

CWB offers its clients a full range of IP services. In addition to our patent services, we also offer the full spectrum of trademark portfolio management and maintenance services – everything from brand creation, full availability searches, trademark filings and prosecution, oppositions and cancellation actions, border protection measures, enforcement (administrative and criminal) and civil litigation through all levels of the courts.

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