Bugnion SpA

Over its 50 years’ history, Bugnion has grown and expanded to become one of the foremost European and Italian partners in the industrial property market.

With a total of almost 250 staff, Bugnion’s network includes 15 offices in Europe and the United States. Leveraging the skills of its 70 qualified attorneys, Bugnion manages a portfolio of more than 9,000 clients worldwide and handles almost 40,000 patents, models and designs, as well as more than 62,000 trademarks – placing the firm among the top three Italian and European patent filers and the top five EU trademark filers in Europe.

Sustained by their legal, technical, scientific and linguistic skills and wide-ranging professional expertise both nationwide and worldwide, Bugnion’s professionals are certified attorneys before the international and national authorities relevant to serve their clients – namely, the EUIPO, WIPO, EPO and the Italian patent and trademark offices, UIBM and SIAE.

The firm’s professionals’ skills are furthered through in-house training aimed at junior associates and on-going updating programmes for senior associates and partners.

Bugnion is a member of the leading associations dealing with industrial and intellectual property worldwide, such as INTA, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the European Communities Trademark Association, the Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association, MARQUES, the Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group, the American Intellectual Property Law Association, the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, UNION-IP and the American Bar Association.

Today’s businesses operating in the global market are faced with growingly keen competition and changes taking place at an increasingly faster pace.

The success of companies is closely linked to their flair, planning and innovating strategy, as well as responsiveness to the market evolution.

Bugnion’s network of experienced professionals and consultants actively operates on a national and international scale with a view to enabling clients to develop the best strategies for protecting and making the most of their intangible assets, ideas and investments.

Core business

The primary goal resides in creating and managing a portfolio of IP and industrial property rights: trademarks, patents, models, designs, copyright, know-how, domain names, plant varieties. Appropriately protected and valued, such exclusive rights and valuable intangible assets generate new resources and help gain major market shares.

Checking pre-requisites

  • Preliminary check-up
  • Searches and preliminary advice
  • Regulating relationship between parties

Obtaining rights

  • Registration strategies
  • Set-up, filing and territorial extension
  • Prosecution 

Defence and maintenance

  • Oppositions
  • Watch service
  • Enforcement
  • Legal and contractual advice
  • Renewal and yearly fees
  • Customs surveillance
  • Trade investigations
  • Reassignment procedures

Client support

  • Set-up and handling of database
  • Access to and online reference of client’s IP rights
  • Training and tutoring, also at client’s head office
  • Continued supervision and revision of portfolio
  • Budget estimate

Integrated consultancy

Committed to ensuring integrated services and thorough consultancy, Bugnion’s team of professionals and consultants partner with companies, associations and bodies. Relying on cutting-edge technologies, the implementation of most effective strategies, great specialisation alongside integrated expertise result into wide-ranging advice across all domains of industrial property and IP rights, as well as of science, technology and art.

Legal advice

  • Judicial
  • Out of court
  • Industrial property and IP law
  • Competition law
  • Advertising law
  • Commercial law
  • Corporations law

Going international

  • Market penetration strategies
  • Sales network (distribution)
  • Point of sale network (retail)
  • Partnership strategies
  • Specialised focus on single countries

Research and development

  • Application for innovation-focused funding
  • Brand naming
  • Systematic innovation (TRIZ)

Intangible asset valuation

  • Estimation of economic value and assessment
  • Licensing and assignment of rights
  • Due diligence
  • Technology transfer
  • Licensing and merchandising
  • Sponsoring
  • Brand intelligence

Protection of IP rights online

  • Web watch
  • Registration of domain names
  • Surveillance of domain names
  • Reassignment procedure and negotiation aimed at the acquisition of domain names

Contact details

Bugnion SpA
Viale Lancetti 17
Milan 20158

Professional contacts

Other offices

  • Alicante
  • Ancona
  • Arezzo
  • Bologna
  • Brescia
  • Florence
  • Los Angeles
  • Milano
  • Modena
  • Munich
  • Parma
  • Reggio Calabria
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Rome
  • Udine
  • Verona,

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