AN, TIAN, ZHANG & PARTNERS is a leading one-stop IP firm in China, which is oriented to overseas clients. It has a strong IP team which works in a closely connected and task-oriented manner to manage large trademark, patent and copyright portfolios for clients in various fields. The team’s unique standard training system and supervision structure enable it to focus on detailed work. The IP team has developed and strengthened its prosecution, litigation and enforcement work in trademark, patent and copyright matters. The firm also deals with litigation relating to patent infringement, trademark registration and invalidation, copyright and other disputes raised in the IP field. Further, the firm’s close and smart structure enables it to assist clients with IP issues in an economical but exceptional way. In particular, the firm has sound experience enforcing patent rights relating to agriculture, automobile and lubricant products. The firm is also successful at conducting patent analysis to help clients to control the risks of their business investments.


Trademark prosecution has been the firm’s principal focus for 20 years – ever since its establishment. The team has grown gradually and is experienced in managing complicated portfolios. With extensive knowledge about trademark regulation and practice, the firm has helped clients to win favourable results in numerous opposition and invalidation cases.

AN, TIAN, ZHANG & PARTNERS was traditionally a trademark firm, undertaking trademark prosecution and litigation with a high success rate. Now, its patent team is also flourishing and is adept in patent prosecution, invalidation, research and litigation.


The patent team has grown rapidly in recent years and is experienced in handling patent litigation, prosecution and research in various fields. With its precise work and flexible response, the firm has attracted an increasing number of Japanese clients in need of patent prosecution and analysis in the machinery, pharmaceutical and automobile industries. The firm’s investigation team provides fantastic support for evidence collection, which is valuable in patent disputes and litigation. The firm has established a strong team during patent translation and helps international clients to develop their translations for future litigation. The team also conducts patent analysis, such as freedom to operate.


Litigation is another key practice of the firm. The firm’s litigators are experienced in trademark, patent, copyright, unfair competition and administrative cases before the different courts across China. The firm’s close organisation enables its litigators to obtain the most up-to-date knowledge and provides an effective but economical litigation strategy for clients.

Enforcement and evidence collection

The firm has a trained team which deals with enforcement and evidence collection issues. It has experience operating across China and its members are knowledgeable in many industry areas. The team – under the supervision of litigators – conducts evidence collection, which is particularly important for patent infringement litigation. The team is also experienced at combating trademark and patent infringement in professional exhibitions.

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