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Aird & McBurney LP is a leading patent agency firm which works in union with Aird & Berlis LLP to secure Canadian and worldwide IP protection and provide IP rights enforcement. Our clients benefit from the integration of agency and a full range of legal services such as IP procurement, litigation, technology transfers and corporate transactions in connection with all forms of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets and domain names.

Since its much-publicised establishment in 2015, Aird & McBurney has already become the choice for innovators. Name partner Peter McBurney, a statesman in the field of intellectual property in Canada for almost 50 years, propelled the building of a group of leading, highly qualified and highly experienced patent agents that are results driven and have a modern and innovative practice approach to secure inventions for clients. From meticulous drafting with a worldwide vision to precision high-volume filing and prosecution, Aird & McBurney secures inventions. The firm is a top preparer and filer of patent applications in Canada. Prosecution and portfolio development is particularly rigorous and tailored to the needs of each individual client to secure strong and enforceable patent rights worldwide. Clients appreciate the excellent client service that combines a smooth administrative process and a modern ease of working.

Aird & McBurney’s devotion to diversity and inclusion is exemplified by its talented diverse group of patent agents, all of whom are leading practitioners in their specialist fields and hold PhD, MSc or BEng degrees. Aird & McBurney embraces overall diversity. Clients benefit from the diverse technical talent base of the firm that provides further unique and valuable perspectives and enhances the IP profession.

The technical depth of Aird & McBurney’s patent agents generates unparalleled service in the preparation, prosecution and maintenance of patent applications over a wide range of technologies and industries, including medical and agricultural biotechnologies, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, immunology, genetics, bioinformatics, mining, oil and gas, ‘clean’ or ‘green’ innovation (eg, renewable energy, biofuels, solar power, wind power and water purification), munitions, medical devices, scientific instrumentation, wireless communications, e-commerce software, manufacturing and consumer products. The firms’ clients range from individual inventors and small start-ups to universities, hospitals and research facilities to large Canadian and multinational corporations, including Fortune 100 companies.

Aird & McBurney has strong relationships with leading associate firms throughout the world to ensure all clients’ IP assets are protected outside Canada with the same sophisticated technical and legal depth.

The combined firms' services include: patentability, infringement and validity opinions; prior art searching and performing patent due diligence; drafting patent applications; filing patent applications (including Patent Cooperation Treaty applications) in Canada, the United States and worldwide; licensing and due diligence in commercial IP transactions; IP portfolio management and strategic development; IP litigation involving patent, trademark, copyright, industrial design, confidential information and trade secret rights; litigation involving invention ownership, competition law, false advertising, product liability and professional negligence claims; pharmaceutical regulatory and compliance; preparation and filing of industrial designs; preparation and filing of trademark applications; trademark litigation; trademark clearances; copyright and media; the Internet and domain names; and advertising and marketing to help clients increase their brand exposure.

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