Advanz Fidelis IP Sdn Bhd

Advanz Fidelis IP Sdn Bhd is an IP specialist corporation in Malaysia that offers a fully integrated IP service under one roof, from registration and portfolio management to advice on contentious matters (both advisory and consultation) and the physical implementation of policies relating to clients’ IP needs.

Strength in IP services

The people at Advanz Fidelis make up a well-rounded team, covering a wide range of disciplines. The company is specifically equipped to assist clients through all stages of IP development. The consulting arms are divided across four areas: technical research and patent development, legal and regulatory, business advisory and commercialisation. This has enabled the company to become the leading comprehensive provider of IP services in Malaysia.

The team comprises 25 professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including registered patent, trademark and industrial design agents, lawyers (non-practising), engineers, scientists, business advisers and commercialisation and accounting professionals. All of them share a voracious curiosity and passion for innovative solutions, which is the central and key core value of the company.

Advanz Fidelis has very strong trademark and patent teams, which are recognised throughout the world. The patent team is one of few in Malaysia to take on patent drafting projects. Both teams regularly push the boundaries in IP prosecution strategies, resulting in a number of success stories for novel IP filings and registrations in Malaysia.

The commercialisation and contentious divisions of the patent team are also very active, as is the IP consulting team. Both take on a large amount of cross-jurisdictional dispute resolution, negotiation and advisory work. Of note is Advanz Fidelis’s involvement as the IP adviser to the state of Sarawak and in the development of policies and frameworks for key government agencies and government-linked corporations. The company regularly helps its clients to develop IP strategies and action plans on how best to protect and commercialise existing and future intellectual property.

In addition, the company is renowned for its IP education services, which it provides for senior management, companies both large and small, specific industries, individual IP owners and even civil service personnel. With the ability to communicate complex subjects in a clear and understandable manner, its programmes have been extremely successful, with attendees reporting that they can easily appreciate, remember and apply key IP concepts.


What differentiates Advanz Fidelis from its competitors is its belief that intellectual property must be considered from a business-centric perspective. The company is focused on ensuring that its end results have an enriching and beneficial effect on all of its clients. Using this approach, client advice is rendered with the aim of ensuring that the IP goals to be achieved are set from a business perspective, enabling clients to understand the importance and benefits of intellectual property in their business.

Through this approach, the company has garnered a wide range of experience spanning a diverse variety of topics. As well as standard IP prosecution activities, it is involved in:

  • the creation and development of comprehensive training programmes, audits and IP strategies;
  • the development of strategic IP portfolios;
  • the commercialisation of IP assets;
  • the provision of strategic advice on dispute resolution;
  • enforcement;
  • the development of IP policy frameworks;
  • the development of IP management systems; and
  • hands-on representation and negotiations for IP transactions and commercial agreements.

Advanz Fidelis continues to innovate and improve on the services that it provides, and aims to offer clients a comprehensive and continuously growing range of services that meet and exceed their requirements and expectations.


Advanz Fidelis has regularly been recognised as a leading IP practice in Malaysia by its peers, overseas associates, survey groups and IP industry publications. It regularly wins awards and mentions, either by itself or through its consultants.

As of 1 July 2018, Advanz Fidelis IP Sdn Bhd is a member of the QANTM Intellectual Property Group.

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