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Advance China IP Law Office (ACIP) is an award-winning full-service IP law office established in 1999. With four main offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and 20 years of experience in local IP practices, ACIP has helped thousands of domestic and foreign clients in various industrial sectors to obtain and protect their IP rights with insight, quality and efficiency. The firm also has a Silicon Valley representative office for client communication.

The firm provides a full range of IP services including patent drafting and prosecution, trademark prosecution, copyright and domain name registration, and IP-related litigation. ACIP is especially experienced in building patent and trademark portfolios and enforcing these in China for clients ranging from world-renowned brands to innovative start-ups. The firm has won long-term trust and great feedback from clients for persisting in commercial goal-oriented strategy planning, flexible and customisable services, responsive and smooth communication, and clear and consistent quotation and billing.


ACIP has nearly 900 employees across all of its offices, including more than 400 patent attorneys and patent engineers and approximately 100 trademark attorneys. The patent team is equipped with advanced science degrees covering the technical fields of electrical and electronic engineering, software, information technology, automobiles, mechanical engineering, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and includes senior patent attorneys, former China National IP Administration (CNIPA) patent examiners and IP professionals who previously worked in Fortune 500 technology companies.

ACIP has a boutique IP litigation practice of more than 30 litigators, assisted by a group of former Re-Examination Board examiners and technical experts, an in-house investigation team in Southern China and a highly experienced patent invalidation team in the Beijing office, which is within walking distance to the CNIPA office.

Our patent attorneys and trademark attorneys possess fluent language skills, ensuring smooth technical discussions and legal consultations in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Japanese and Korean.


ACIP provides the following services for domestic and foreign clients.

Patent services:

  • Pre-filing consulting
  • Patent drafting and prosecution
  • Patent re-examination, invalidation and administrative appeals
  • Patent search and analysis
  • Patent licensing and technology transfer
  • Patent infringement litigation

Trademark services:

  • Trademark pre-filing search, advice and translation
  • Trademark application and review
  • Trademark opposition, non-use cancellation, invalidation, review and administrative appeal
  • Trademark renewal, assignment recordal, change recordal and licence recordal
  • Re-issuance of trademark certificates and issuance of registration certification and priority documents
  • Long-term trademark surveillance
  • Trademark transaction
  • Consultation on other trademark matters

Enforcement and other legal affairs:

  • Patent, trademark and copyright infringement investigation, administrative protection and litigation
  • Other investigations into unfair competition, administrative protection and litigation
  • Recordation and protection of intellectual property at Customs
  • Trade secret infringement investigation, administrative protection and litigation
  • Evidence preservation
  • IP due diligence and credit investigation



In 2018 ACIP filed more than 18,000 domestic patent applications (approximately 9,000 inventions and 9,000 utility models and designs), 22,000 trademark applications and more than 1,400 Patent Cooperation Treaty applications in China. A considerable portion of our domestic filing is contributed by multinational companies. Clients trust our patent attorneys for their accurate understanding of technology, comprehensive knowledge of patent-related and general legislation, and commercial goal-oriented strategy planning. In addition to regular fillings, our attorneys frequently provide technology analysis, patent mining, branding strategies and other IP training classes to clients, helping them to explore and build their intellectual property.


ACIP has 12 years of experience in the local practice of IP litigation before the local administrative authorities and the courts, with high success rates in litigation and invalidation each year. Our in-house investigation team helps clients to effectively overcome the difficulty of evidence collection due to the absence of discovery in China. We also help clients to achieve their commercial goals in various ways of alternative dispute resolution by customising their strategies with multiple techniques, including local investigation, licensing negotiation and patent assignment and invalidation.

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