10 Oct

Denmark makes SØIK IP rights taskforce permanent


Since November 2017, all filings for criminal investigations regarding IP crime in Denmark have on a trial basis been referred to a special IP rights taskforce at the Office of the Public Prosecutor for Serious Economic Crime (SØIK).

This trial arrangement has now been made permanent.

As such, criminal cases regarding counterfeit products will be handled by specialists in the IP rights taskforce, rather than the local police in each district. This should, among other things, increase the possibility of joint actions with other countries’ national IP rights taskforces and provide a clearer picture of IP crimes on a national basis.

The idea of having a specialised IP rights taskforce is positive, especially if it means strengthening the focus on the fight against IP crime with specialist investigators and prosecutors. However, it is a slow process and success will largely depend on whether further resources can accelerate the process.

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Denmark, Europe