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Patent deals steady in Q4 2020, but licensing activity spiked

AST data shows that the volume of transactions dipped slightly in the last three months of the year, though indications are that overall the market is relatively healthy

Patent deals steady in Q4 2020, but licensing activity spiked
Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others pass on $500 million patent in latest IP3 auction
10 Mar 2021

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others pass on $500 million patent in latest IP3 auction

AST's buying programme was back again in 2020 and while it generated close to $3 million, the total was down on the previous year and the 2016 record

Betting on video, ByteDance ramps up global patent filings
3 Mar 2021

Betting on video, ByteDance ramps up global patent filings

Given TikTok owner’s heavy investments in next-gen video standards, it may be building one of China’s most valuable IP portfolios


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25 Feb 2021

IV taps local partners to roll out licensing programme aimed at Chinese SMEs

Intellectual Ventures is just the latest big IP market player to set its sights on China, with a new programme COO Arvin Patel says is the first of its kind Read more

15 Feb 2021

Open Invention Network adds major banks to membership with Barclays and TD Bank sign-ups

Risk from rivals, threats from patent assertion entities and the widespread adoption of open source software is increasing financial institutions’ interest in defensive networks, says OIN CEO Read more

10 Feb 2021

New analysis claims the economic risk posed by NPEs is set to surge

A report from RPX claims that new sources of capital make NPEs as strong as they were in the period between 2011 and 2015. Of course, they would say that - but that does not mean they are wrong Read more

15 Jan 2021

Oppo’s patent focus: smaller deals, younger rights and future standards

Shanghai-based R&D firm Langbo inks its first patent sale to a major Chinese buyer after a pair of deals with foreign NPEs Read more


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7 Jul 2020

A patent's journey from IAM Market to Facebook v BlackBerry

Analysis shows that assets listed on the platform sell at a higher rate than average, while they are also litigated more often Read more

25 May 2020

Japanese covid-19 patent pledge triples membership, but users must read fine print

Big-name electronics and chemical companies have continued to sign on, but several have taken the opportunity to narrow the terms of the pledge and remind potential infringers that they won’t tolerate abuse Read more

16 May 2020

IP is here to stay, but everything is going to change

As IAM celebrates its 100th issue, a look back at how it all began, a fast forward to the future and a massive thank-you Read more

14 May 2020

From the archive – IV through the years

A look in to the IAM back catalogue to see how we have covered the evolution of the pioneering patent market player Read more


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14 Jan 2021

Deal with RPX a huge win for IV - and other takeaways from a licensing blockbuster

After we exclusively broke the news of the big ticket transaction we look at the key points to have emerged from the agreement Read more

8 Jan 2021

South Korea's Intellectual Discovery is in the process of becoming a big league, mainstream NPE

A year after a major capital infusion and a change of leadership, the firm has notched some notable settlements in the US and laid the groundwork for new assertion campaigns Read more

5 Jan 2021

LG Electronics hooks up with IP Bridge as fund looks beyond Japan

Licensing business that shed state sponsorship last year partners with Korean patent powerhouse in latest acquisition Read more

11 Dec 2020

Exclusive - RPX is not involved in the bidding for BlackBerry's patents

With initial bids due next week, the firm's CEO Dan McCurdy confirms to IAM that at this point it has no involvement in the process Read more


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8 Jun 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more

4 Mar 2020

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in December, January and February. Read more

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