America’s dominant patent players

A little more than 300 entities own over 50% of all active patents in the United States. They are the companies which hold portfolios comprising 1,000–plus US patents and each one is named in this follow-up to the US Patent 100 list published earlier this year in IAM

30 May 2013

Introducing the dominant players in the US patent landscape

The US Patent 100 is a unique data set that identifies not only which entities own the most active US patents, but also those that own the fastest-growing portfolios and those which are most recognised by the competition

31 January 2013

Turning the spotlight on the brokered patent market

Although sales of brokered patent packages reach an estimated US$153 million a year, lack of data makes this a tricky market to evaluate. A review of 186 patent packages attempts to illuminate this information void

30 November 2012

The state of the IP nation

The annual IP benchmarking survey conducted jointly by IAM magazine and the IP Solutions business of Thomson Reuters took place in the early spring of 2012. As ever, the results make for fascinating reading

01 June 2012

Telling it how it is

The annual IAM/Thomson Reuters benchmarking survey shows that while IP value creation is becoming an increasingly important part of strategic corporate thinking, there is still a way to go before it is a fully established and widespread fact of business life

01 June 2011

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