What can InterDigital, Ericsson, and Lenovo expect from the court overseeing their patent disputes?

Docket Navigator data shows the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, which oversees these high-profile litigations, has not handled many patent cases

27 November 2023

Qualcomm leads Brazilian patent filings this year

Clarivate data covering 2018 to 2023 reveals a dynamic landscape, including booming industries and Lenovo’s entry into the top 100

17 November 2023

Patent protection improves the odds of start-up success

An EPO study shows the success of start-ups with patent filings, and highlights the sectors that may be missing out on the value they bring

25 October 2023

US trade secret litigation trends in Q3: Central District of California continues as top venue

Docket Navigator data reveals quarterly trends in federal trade secret filings, showing 13% YOY growth

20 October 2023

Top South Korea filers 2022

Featured in Prosecution data

The tech company’s applications dropped by nearly 50% in 2022 but it remains ahead of its domestic competitors

23 June 2023

Top Japan filers 2022

Featured in Prosecution data

Car companies take strong position in the top 20 patent filers against a backdrop of slow volume decline

16 June 2023

Top India filers 2022

Featured in Prosecution data

IP Pilot data shows the conglomerate’s overall filings took a hit in 2022, leaving two universities in Punjab to take the top two spots instead

09 June 2023

Case of Federal Circuit judge Pauline Newman throws lifetime tenure into the spotlight

Data shows it’s common for CAFC judges to serve past retirement age – just like the 95-year-old judge who denies allegations of cognitive decline impacting her work

02 June 2023

Huawei leads the pack in patent filings in China

But the company's volume appears to be trending downwards, data compiled by IP Pilot shows

26 May 2023

Report urges companies to hunt for more value from their patents

PatSnap’s “State of IP” report reveals intelligence about patent value, monetisation strategies, IP department budgets and more

11 May 2023

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