IAM insight panel analysis Q1 2021

In addition to litigation, the latest IAM Insight Panel Report covers filing, licensing, sales and policy trends, as well as key strategic issues

Patent litigation spend is set to increase over the next six months, according to the latest IAM Insight Panel Report survey. Completed by a specially selected group of over 50 senior corporate IP leaders, top executives from aggregation and licensing platforms, law and attorney firm partners, and service providers, the quarterly survey covers key issues facing IP owners and their advisers.

Compiled in February, the survey asked panellists their views on a range of subjects including patent filing, licensing and sales trends, royalty rates, pricing and the overall strength of patent rights, as well as their major strategic concerns over the next six months.

When it came to litigation, 59% expected spend to be more or significantly more, while just 11% anticipated a reduction. While a large majority were optimistic about the environment for patent owners, the overall percentage was down on the previous survey, while nearly 20% said they felt pessimistic or very pessimistic. Perhaps linked to this was some unease about the direction the Biden Administration may take on patent policy, with close to a quarter of respondents believing it will be negative.

In terms of strategic priorities, dealing with the fall-out from the covid-19 pandemic remains the number one focus, although less than it was previously. Regulatory and legislative concerns, on the other hand, are increasing.

The IAM Insight Panel Report for Quarter One of 2021 is available to subscribers at our Reports Centre, along with a range of other publications.

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