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Top PCT representatives 2021

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Chinese and Japanese law firms dominate the rankings table of the 50 law and attorney firms filing the most published PCT applications last year

23 September 2022

China trademark filings register first drop in a decade: 2021 in numbers

Applications filed at the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) in 2020 broke records but the country registered no growth in 2021, in contrast to a strong showing in Europe and North America

20 September 2022

Oakley, Canon among operating companies asserting most patents in US courts

Docket Navigator data shows top firms filed between 14 and 30 infringement complaints in 2021 and year-to-date

19 September 2022

Halliburton v USWS is a rare patent battle in the energy sector

Data shows that 32 of the largest oil and gas producers and oilfield services companies have filed only 45 US suits since 2017 – and that just one is responsible for 51% of them

14 September 2022

Time-to-trial lags in top five US patent courts as pandemic effects continue to bite

Covid has triggered long-lasting delays in the busiest courts, reducing the chance of the PTAB issuing Fintiv discretionary denials in IPRs with parallel litigation

12 September 2022

Computer, communication and e-commerce patent cases on the rise at PTAB

New IAM and Docket Navigator litigation report reveals key trends, including declining semiconductor asset challenges

06 September 2022

Aerospace and defence firm CIPOs should seize patent acquisition opportunities

Just 7% of 300 failed start-ups transferred their IP, leaving more than 500 innovative patents to expire, according to a research report

06 September 2022

How General Plastic changed the PTAB serial petition landscape

Docket Navigator data shows court cited the precedential case in 603 institution decisions with a 34% institution denial rate from October 2017 to now

05 September 2022

Five things to know about Judge Richard G Andrews

The District of Delaware judge’s share of US patent cases has been inching up ever since the random assignment of Albright’s docket

29 August 2022

Huawei outspends rival telecoms innovators on R&D

Although the Chinese giant is currently number one, doubts have been raised as to whether its current levels of investment are sustainable

26 August 2022

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