Data Analysis

Though rare nationwide, IPR stay motions have better success in some US states than others

A Docket Navigator analysis of motions to stay litigation pending an inter partes review shows that top US patent judges rarely pause cases until an IPR is instituted – unless you’re in California

28 February 2022

Ten years of International IP Index paints optimistic picture of steadily growing patent protections

Annual US Chamber of Commerce report shows that IP rights have expanded globally over time – and US remains strong despite eligibility and PTAB uncertainties

24 February 2022

Late disclosure of SEPs is not the issue some claim it to be, says former Ericsson CIPO

BigTech and automaker arguments that patents declared essential after the freeze date should be unenforceable do not stand up to serious scrutiny, says Gustav Brismark

22 February 2022

Rovi’s IPR success in Comcast patent war gave it top PTAB ranking

Docket Navigator shows that petitions against the company were instituted just 42% of the time, making it the rights holder whose assets are the most difficult to challenge

21 February 2022

BlackBerry patent buyer set to become the world’s largest wireless networks NPE

New research indicates that Catapult IP is acquiring a portfolio of quality assets that can potentially be asserted against some very big names

17 February 2022

What Judge Leonard Stark’s departure means for the US’s second-busiest patent court

With the highly-experienced judge confirmed to the Federal Circuit, his former colleagues in Delaware will cover the 233 cases he was scheduled to hear Docket Navigator data suggests this might favour defendants

14 February 2022

Inside the litigation record of the man set to own 38,000 BlackBerry patents

Data from Docket Navigator shows that buyer York Eggleston IV’s existing NPEs – named after stones and slingshots – have filed at least 36 lawsuits against 23 defendants

07 February 2022

Downturn in Fintiv discretionary denials may be tied to earlier-filed IPRs, stipulation practice

Docket Navigator data shows the rate of discretionary denials was cut in half in top patent courts in 2021 as defendants adapted their legal strategies

31 January 2022

Moderna, Nike and TSMC among pandemic-era outperformers in patent portfolio strength

Innovation metric that’s agnostic to patent quantity highlights diverse group of companies that have put distance between themselves and their competition over the past two years

25 January 2022

Ericsson taps long-time litigation counsel with Vidal ties for Apple battle

Docket Navigator data shows why Swedish telco has once again turned to Tom Melsheimer of Winston & Strawn – who has worked closely with USPTO Director nominee Kathi Vidal for 20 years

24 January 2022

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